Villa 69- Pick your Cupid

I had the pleasure of dining with Rashmi Uday Singh at Villa69 in Juhu. Here’s my experience: the place is very bright and well-lit during the day and assuming in the evening as well. The white interiors made me feel at peace and interiors are very fun and quirky. Especially the “pick your cupid” wall. The food was okay, but the cottage cheese Picattas was the highlight of the meal. There is no set cuisine available here, you can get Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Russian (in the chicken). Dessert options are limited (3 layer mousse cake, apple pie crumble, Mango cheesecake and Tiramisu) but wouldn’t recommend having the dessert there. Why? Either undercooked, too much artificial flavors or the sponge in the tiramisu was tasting funny.

 Overall: food: 2/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 2.5/5

photo 1

Sesame fried tofu fingers: tofu was very soft but was too deep fried.

photo 3

Cottage cheese picatta: the highlight of the meal! The presentation was lovely, each piece in its own plastic cup/glass with tomato sauce on the bottom. The cottage cheese was fried and was perfect and the tomato sauce, too! I could imagine eating the tomato sauce with tortilla chips, burrito etc., must have at villa69

 photo 4

Fiamma pizza @villa69 very bland and dry in taste. Wished it tasted as good as it looks!

 photo 5

Veg. Thai Curry: all you vegetarians go for the veg Thai curry without thinking twice. Nothing exceptional about the curry but it was the best compared to the other items ordered. Wished there were some more veggies in the curry, though.


 Cottage cheese steak: I’ve never had this before, and was really looking forward to it. there was two layers of cottage cheese with a tangy sauce filling in between. The paneer (cottage cheese) was well done but the sauce was too tangy and imbalanced in taste. The tomato sauce from the Picattas would have been perfect if used as the filling here.


Veg. Pad Thai: Two words: tomato Maggi! That’s what it tasted like. Was extremely disappointed with this one. Wouldn’t recommend ordering this one.

 photo 1

Mango Cheesecake: we were all too excited to try the dessert, after all we eat a meal so we can indulge in dessert at the end right? The mango pulp tasted too artificial and I was done with one small bite of the cheesecake. Not sure if the cheesecake served here always tastes like this or it was one of ‘those’ days.

 photo 2

3 Layer Mousse cake: wasn’t so bad. The chocolate was balanced with the vanilla and would recommend to try Villa69

 photo 3

Apple Pie Crumble: The crust of the pie was undercooked and topped with too much brown sugar which killed the taste of what could have been the perfect dessert. Where have you eaten the best Apple Pie Crumble yet?

 photo 4

Tiramisu: who doesn’t like Tiramisu right? This is the safest dessert that one can go with, if they don’t feel too adventures but I think the sponge in the Tiramisu had gone bad and my heart was breaking that I had to leave it uneaten. Over all, it was an okay experience in terms of food, but the company was great and thank you once again Rashmi uday singh for this opportunity for trying out a new place and making new friends!

photo 5

Have you been to Villa69 yet? Let me know what you thought of the food and the place!

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