Spice Klub

Finally got the opportunity to head out to SpiceKlub and try out all their offerings. It is best recommended to go in a large group so you can try out everything (must haves) in one sitting itself. It was a great experience given their presentations of food items, flavors in the dishes and the servers knew what they were doing. Pretty much everything on the menu is a must have and must experience kind of thing, but if you go with the things you don’t eat on a regular basis, your evening will be made as you get to taste some amazing amalgamations of food with modern presentations. Reservations are recommended!

Overall: Food- 4/5

Ambience- 3/5

Service: 3/5

Ice Sphere: Started our evening with the Ice Sphere drink. There is so much childhood nostalgia in this drink! Must have if you like Fanta/Rasna/Orange Candy.

Kala Khatta and Masala Mojito: since SpiceKlub is all about Desi dishes with a little bit of quirk, we thought we should try out the Masala and the Kala Khatta Mojito. Loved the kala Khatta Mojito, it blended perfectly with the chaat Masala in the drink. The Masala Mojito seemed to be a little less flavor compared to the Kala Khatta. But worth a try.

Vada Pav: Very interesting presentation of the Pavs and the chutney coated in edible plastic. The Vada is a mixture of flour that has to be put on the mini pav; they can go a little easy on the besan in the flour. Otherwise it was amazing and very different. photo 3

Hara Bhara Kebab: soft and flavored kebabs that have a little bit of cheese and fried capsicum on each kebab as toppings. Can try something else from the menu, as you won’t be missing anything. photo 2

Galouti Kebab: kebabs were extra soft and a little difficult to eat as it was getting messy because they were so soft. The taste was very okay and missing a little flavor. Paneer Tikka: topped with coriander foam (very interesting flavor) and perfectly sautéed paneer. Must have at SpiceKlub just for the experience of the coriander foam!

photo 5

Pani Puri Shots: this one is the most ordered and sought after item at SpiceKlub. You will spot the Pani Puri at each and every table at the restaurant. You get about 10-12 puris with 6 theeka pani and 2 sweet pani shots. For a moment it felt like I was back in Chemistry class at school, only this time with Pani Puri in hand. Who wouldn’t mind that? Goes without saying, that it’s a must have! photo 4

Nannza: your meal is incomplete if you don’t have Nannza at SpiceKlub! Perfect amount of cheese, roti, flavoring of garlic and garnish! We called for three rounds of Nannza! IMG_8618

Dry Kulfi: just like dry ice, this is a Dry Kulfi that comes in bits and is edible! The server gave us clear instructions not to eat the Kulfi plain as it can burn your mouth/tongue. comes with five sauces: Blueberry, Caramel, chocolate, Falooda (rose flavoring) and basundi. I really like the blend of the dry Kulfi with blueberry and basundi.

photo 3


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