Byblos Kitchen + Bar

Everyone wants to spend New Year’s Eve with their loved ones and mine wasn’t any different! We decided to head to the newly opened Byblos Kitchen + bar that everyone has been talking about. The place is easy to find if you are a regular at Palladium mall, don’t worry even if you aren’t. The place is very well lit and right next to Sai Service center (straight ahead of Trupti snacks).

We enter the place, with nice lively music and the staff is very friendly. We take our time to decode the menu and understand what all we would like to try out. The staff knows the menu very well, which we were very impressed with and helped us with recommendations as per our taste.

The experience was great, satisfying and would definitely recommend this to try out at least once if you are around in the area. However, the portion size is enough for 2 people only, order accordingly. Read on to find out about our experience in detail.

Overall: Food- 3/5

Ambience- 3/5

Service: 3/5

PISTOU SMEARED BREAD: This dish was the highlight of the meal! The blend of basil butter, cheese and garlic was divine. One portion is going to be enough for about 2 people, so order accordingly. Absolutely must try at Byblos!


BATATA HARRA: this one is your fried potatoes with a twist! The peri- peri flavored Masala was a delight. Don’t forget to sprinkle the piece of Masala lime to elevate the taste. A safe option cannot go wrong with these potatoes.


BEIRUT TACOS: This one felt like eating the chole bhature in a taco shell. The taco was soft; however the Masala of the chick pea felt a little imbalanced (maybe some salt would have helped).


CLASSIC ARABIATTA: Pasta is a dish that can be eaten anywhere, anytime. However, this is the first time I felt that I should not have ordered pasta here. The portion size is extremely limited and the sauce wasn’t the best either.


BIANCO (FLATBREAD PIZZA): This was the favorite of everyone at the table. The dressing of the salad on the pizza, the crust, and the cheese everything was perfect. It felt more like eating crispy salad dipped tortillas! Must try at Byblos


BOAT SHAPED PIZZA: I cannot remember the name of this dish, but it was loaded with spinach, olives and sun dried tomatoes. The flavor of the spinach felt a little imbalanced again, but the cheese and the boat shaped pizza made it bearable


FARROTTO: like Risotto but wasn’t risotto. It is made out of wheat berries, corn and chives, tasted very much like the Khichdi my grandmother makes. Was worth a try but you won’t be missing anything if you don’t.


PURPLE SUBLIMATION: with California grapes and Basil lemonade, it felt like I was sipping on Benadryl. The syrup was too strong, even after adding water thrice. Would not recommended to try this unless you like your Benadryl and want too much of a sugar rush!


FRAPPE: for all you coffee addicts must try the Frappe here. Unfortunately this is the only cold coffee that they provide.


We were all really looking forward to Byblos and it didn’t disappoint so much as the food, staff and the coffee made up for it.

Been to Byblos Kitchen + Bar yet? Let us know what you think and if you know the name of the Boat shaped pizza? 🙂

Byblos Kitchen + Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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