Shanghai Club- ITC Hotels

Sangria is the latest buzz word that can help you get anyone’s attention! I had the opportunity to treat myself to a lovely brunch with varieties of Sangria’s to accompany my meal at Shanghai Club, ITC Hotels, Parel.

The brunch at Shanghai Club is a part of a deal that is available for 1500 INR plus taxes with a fixed menu comprising of 3 Veg and 2 non veg appetizers; 1 veg or non veg soup, 1 veg and non veg main course, with rice and noodles, DESSERT and unlimited Sangria’s!! Yes, Unlimited Sangria’s 🙂

Here is a recap of the meal and the sangria’s I had as part of the brunch menu at Shanghai club:

Food+Drinks- 3.5/5

Ambience- 4/5

Service: 4/5

Jasmine Tea:

You are first served with Jasmine Tea to relax before you start off your meal. Next the wasabi peanuts and kimchi salad are laid out on the table to prepare you for the meal.

Jasmine Teapeanuts and kimchi

Sucai Chunjuan:

Singapore vegetable Spring rolls are crispy, light on the oil (fried) with veggie fillings which is a perfect dish to start with. Be sure to add some red chili sauce to the spring rolls before eating it, to enhance the flavors and taste of the rolls.

Spring rolls

red chilli paste

Suanrong Qiezi:

Stir fried oriental mix vegetables with ginger soya sauce is a perfect blend and must try at Shanghai club. For all those people who struggle to their broccoli’s, and other veggies, don’t be surprised if you ask for another serving of this stir fry!

Sucai Zhengjiao:

Steamed mix vegetable dumplings are going to be the highlight of your meal! Make sure to add the red chili paste to your dumpling (not very spicy) and get ready to enter into a magical place made of dumplings, veggies and sangria’s, this one is hands down my favorite!


Chinese Chili butter soup with Vegetables:

Soups aren’t my favorite usually and I was thinking of jumping to the main course directly, but I must say: don’t even think of making this mistake! The chili butter soup was very savory with the right amount of vegetables and spices. Perfect for this winter weather, I say!

CHili Butter soup

Qingchao Shishu:

Stir fried garden fresh greens, bamboo shot and lotus stem with burnt garlic was decent. I personally think it lacked a little flavor as I like spicy food. However after adding the red chili paste to the rice and stir fry it wasn’t too bad.

stir fry

PS: The appetizers and soup will fill you up enough that you will want to jump to the dessert directly with your sangria’s, so ensure you eat wisely 😉

Main Course was accompanied with Tasijiao Jinsuan Chaofan: Ginger capsicum and burnt garlic fried rice

Burnt garlic rice                        Noodles

DESSERT Gouren Tan Seng:

Saving the best for the last! These Crispy Honey Drizzled noodles with Vanilla ice cream will be the cherry on top of the meal! Not too sweet, but perfect amount of honey will leave you craving for more and more!


Overall, if you have been promising a friend or a relative to catch up over a few drinks and/or brunch, do not think twice go ahead and make your reservations already! They offer items that suits everyone’s needs as you have read above!

About the Sangria’s you can order during your brunch here:

Cinnamon apple sangria: never did I expect that cinnamon as an ingredient would blend well in a sangria until I had this sangria at the Shanghai club! The apples (red and green) were well soaked and the flavor of cinnamon just perfect neither strong nor mild in white wine. Make sure to try this one without fail if you have never tried cinnamon Sangria before.


Apple (fruity) Sangria: this one is for the fruit lovers, comprising of orange, apples (red and green) if for those who like their portion of red wine sangria’s  . This one is a little toward the sweeter side.


Very Berry Sangria: we all go crazy during berry season and this sangria is going to make you berry berry crazy! With all kinds of berries like: gooseberry, strawberry, blackberry, and apples, is a sweet sangria waiting for you at your brunch at the Shanghai Club!

Very Berry

Another personal favorite! Sweet Strawberries soaked in Sparkling white wine. Need I say more? DELICIOUS!

STrawberry Sangria

Pan Sangria: I was expecting something green colored and wondering if I would even dare to taste because pan is an authentic Indian item. Imagine mixing it and making a sangria out of it? Don’t imagine much, try it out at Shanghai Club! Using musk melon, berries and pan flavor they have made the meal even sweeter and memorable than I ever imagined!

Pan sangria

Hope my experience at the Shanghai Club helps you guys! Let me know what you thought about the blog and if you have been there or are planning to head there!


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