Taco Bell- Think outside the Bun

In the recent fad of international chains and brands setting shop in India, Taco Bell was certainly on the top of my list. My last visit to Taco Bell was in 2014, where I was a little disappointed with them ‘Indianizing’ the menu and the ingredients. However, I thought of giving them another chance and visited their newest outlet in Mumbai at R-City Mall, Ghatkopar (W). located in the food court, the area is bustling with energy among shoppers and staff alike. Read on to find out our experience at Taco Bell, the second time around!


Food: 3/5

Ambience: NA (in Food court)

Service: Quick (self service)

4 Dip Nachos:

Perfect for an appetizer or if you are waiting for a friend or if you LOVE nachos! The dips that are served with the nachos are out of this world! Try them all and don’t be surprised if you are ordering for extras of the sauces!

Nachos and Dips

Top Loaded nachos:

For those of you who like your nachos topped with veggies and beans, this one’s for you! The nachos are crispy, loaded with cheese and juicy vegetables which make it for a perfect appetizer to begin your experience at Taco Bell. I added the hot sauce on top of the nachos as I like my food to be spicy. They have three levels of hot sauce for different taste buds, so you won’t be gulping down water to calm your taste buds.

Topped Nachos


With a chewy taco like shaped shell, filled with veggies, cheese, and beans, this one is a must have at Taco Bell! Its challenging to eat this one, make sure to tilt your head sideways to avoid spilling the chalupa everywhere. I usually stay away from deep fried items, but this one is a must try- super soft and chewy.


Seven layer Burrito:

If you go to taco bell and not have the seven layer burrito, you might as well have not gone there! With beans, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, three cheese blend, rice wrapped in the tortilla, the classic seven layer burrito will blow your mind. The ingredients blend perfectly well with each other and addition of the super hot sauce make it even more interesting. Portion size is enough to fill up one person, so order accordingly.

7 layer burrito

Mexican Pizza:

This is unlike any pizza or Mexican dish you have possibly ever had! The base consists of baked tortillas topped with beans, another layer of baked tortilla on the beans which are topped with cheese, corn and veggies. Be sure to eat this as soon as it arrives, as the beans make the tortillas soft and there’s nothing like eating anything hot and fresh right out of the oven right?

Mexican Pizza

Veggie Quesadillas:

Combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheese with veggies wrapped in a tortilla is perfect for the cheese lovers. Comes in a packet of four pieces, and is available in several varieties as well. I wasn’t a big fan of the quesadilla as I found it too cheesy which made me too full.

Chocolate Quesadillas:

MUST HAVE! I repeat, must have at Taco Bell! Pure chocolate chips are wrapped in a tortilla and cooked until the chocolate melts and is gooey and they are served hot and fresh to you. These also come in a pack of 4 pieces, and it’s a guarantee that you will end up ordering for one more of these.

Chocolate Quesadillas

Post our lovely meal with the Taco bell team and fellow bloggers we were taken to the kitchen space and were shown the procedure, safety and hygiene that is followed by the staff in the kitchen. Every ingredient has a labeled shelf-life which is tossed out in the trash if not consumed until the marked time. this was an eye opener and very impressive of the standards that the brand follows ensuring utmost hygiene in the surrounding, staff and the food served.

Taco Bell Team

I had a great time interacting with fellow bloggers and the team at Taco Bell and will surely be visiting again. Let me know if you have been to Taco Bell and what you thought of the food there in comments below.

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