6 ways to make the most of MANGOES this season

The mango season is finally upon us!! Mom always says that you must have enough of every seasonal fruit so let me try and help you make the most of the king of fruits this season in a few different ways that you may have never tried before.

  1. Aamras: the classic aamras that we have without roti’s or as is. This is the best way to enjoy mangoes when you crave the fruit and cannot eat without making too much of a mess. All you have to do is peel the fruit off and blend in a mixer with a little bit of milk.
  2. Mango cream: I recently had the mango cream at Haji ali juice center and I loved it! I cannot wait to try this at other places and get my dose of the seasonal fruit
  3. Mango pancakes: this Sunday when you are preparing pancakes for breakfast try adding mangoes to the batter or as topping apart from your regular blueberries/chocolate chips and enjoy the fruit in a way like never before
  4. Mango pickle (aam ka achaar): this one is my favorite. Homemade aam ka achar (usually made out of kachi kairi- raw mango) tastes the best when made in this season. Make sure to get your hands on plenty of pickle this season
  5. Homemade mango frozen yoghurt: blend mango juice in a mixer, add some yogurt to it and freeze it for a couple hours until it sets and viola! Your homemade frozen mango yoghurt is ready!
  6. Mangoes with vanilla ice cream: when all else is done with, why not just enjoy the fruit as is with some vanilla ice cream on the side 🙂

                                 Mango cream at Haji ALi Juice center

I cannot wait to eat mangoes this season and experiment with it. is there another way you enjoy mangoes at home? Do share with us 🙂


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