Cakesgiving Day: March 27th

March 27, 2015: A day just like any other but there is something special about this day! Its Cakesgiving Day! On this day a team of volunteers are seen around the city with a silver box of cake (boxed or sliced) handing out to strangers, neighbors, passers-by, commuters, colleagues and several other people. Some they know, some they don’t and some they always see but this is the right chance for them to get to know them. After all, everyone has a sweet tooth and who can say no to cake?

Cakesgiving 2

 Cakesgiving day was ‘invented’ last year as a holiday to celebrate, share and spread happiness and joy across the city making the days of several Mumbaikars. This year, Cakesgiving has also been celebrated in Hongkong as well. I hope this holiday cheer spreads across the world and everyone gets their share of happiness and CAKE!! Some participating bakers: Pooja Dhingra (Le 15), Suchit Mahajan (Deliciae), Jyoti Sampat (Sweet Toot), Shraddha Mehra (Neeru Desserts), Ayesha Madan (Choc o’ bloc), Nikita Zaveri (Cake Crafter Co.) There are several other contributors as well! Some participating restaurants: The Table, Le Pain Quotidien, Nutcracker, Sassy Spoon, Mamagoto, among others.

I volunteered for Cakesgiving last year and did the same this year as well. Every time has been a great learning experience for me and my family ( I take my family along with me to spread the happiness as I believe if we do it together, the impact is much more and we get some more time to hang out with each other 🙂 ). Last year I handed out the cakes in Worli sea face during the evening and this year did the same but during the day time. There were some people who were willing to listen when we approached them but some weren’t so excited about us approaching them. It really made us sad when a few people refused to accept their cakes and simply walked off or said, “no”, “thank you”, “Sorry”. It made me wonder, “where has the faith in humanity gone?” What is the reason that us humans cannot trust one another? All we are trying to do is hand them a slice of happiness!

There are many reasons for this; several have to do with the ‘stranger’ theory that our parents teach us when we are little children and we hold on to it forever. Other reasons include ‘Suspicions’, ‘misgiving’ among others that we hear in the news or in stories that happen in our society. All I am trying to say here is that the next time someone (a stranger) hands a piece of cake or smiles at you or shares something with you, why don’t we start with trying to believe that, he/she is a good person and accept that cake to make both happy (yours and the volunteers!)

Cakesgiving 1

 Enough with my wisdom, if you would like to be a part of history in the making follow the “Cakesgiving Day” page here on Facebook to stay updated on news and event related information and watch out for your cake ninja wherever you are through the Facebook page!

If you are a baker and would like to contribute to cakesgiving day write to today!

Hope to see a lot more people become a part of ‘Cakesgiving Day’ to spread cheer, joy and happiness across the city and the globe!

Cakesgiving 3


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