Mafatlal club

One of the best things about the summer is that you get to indulge yourself in activities that you looked forward to do during summer vacation as a child. For me, summer is synonymous to mangoes, going on vacation and swimming among other activities. Swimming is one of my favorite things and I am ever ready to go for a swim. When a friend invited me to go to the Mafatlal Club for a swim and breakfast post that, I jumped at the opportunity. After a wonderful and relaxing swim we headed to the restaurant at the club to have some breakfast and I must tell you that we called for over 5 items during our visit and everything was perfectly delicious! The service is quick as members keep coming post their exercise and/or other activities at the club. If you are there during peak hours you might have to wait for a little while to get your hands on the scrumptious food.

View from the Table

Read on to find out our experience at Mafatlal Club: Overall: Food: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 (sit outside facing the sea if possible) Service: 3.5/5 Jalebi: served hot and juicy, makes for a perfect snack post a swim. If you look around the tables, you will see that almost every table will have a plate of Jalebi at least. They serve about 3-4 pieces in one plate. Portion sizes are just right so between two people one plate should be enough.


Fafda: this one comes with the Masala papaya chutney and green chilies tossed in oil and salt to be enjoyed with the Fafda. The chutney has the right amount of spice and makes for a perfect snack anytime during the day (freshly made in the morning though)


Masala Vada: The Vada’s arrived within a couple minutes of ordering and they were piping hot! The taste, even better! The potato Masala was perfect in every way and at the end it only left us craving for more!

 Masala Vada

Sada Dosa: as excepted the Dosa was super crispy and huge, enough for two people to finish. Order this only if you have run out of all other options on the menu. Coffee and Tea: you have to end every breakfast with either a tea or coffee, so I was looking forward to having coffee while looking at the sea and my friend Kruti. When the tea and coffee arrived, we realized that it was just water, milk and coffee mixed together. Not even close to filter coffee. So would recommend to stay away from this one unless you have to have the tea or coffee.


As mentioned earlier, everything we ordered for turned out to be delicious, I look forward to going there again to enjoy their daily specials. Their menu also offers a variety of Chinese, Mexican, Indian and chat items during the evenings. If you’ve been to the Mafatlal club before, let us know what you thought of it. if not, let us know what you would like to try there!


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