EAT around the corner

Eat around the corner (EATC) a cozy little place located in Bandra, is a place you cannot miss while passing by the lanes of Pali Hill. Brightly lit with ample seating, Eat around the corner offers something for everyone. They have recently launched their new summer menu which consists of pasta’s, risottos and tapas among other items. Read on to find out our experience and take on the new menu.



Food: 3.5/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: 4/5

Virgin Mojito: as soon as we sat down we were offered a cool drink to start off with and we opted for the Mojito over the iced tea. Virgin Mojito is usually too sweet, but this one was well balanced and topped with plenty of mint leaves and slice of lemon. The Mojito is recommended if you would like to refresh yourself before the start of your meal.


Tapas Platter: the platter tasted as good as it looks! Tapas were served with four dips—namely: Hummus(very soft and creamy making it easy to eat), Baba Ganoush (roasted eggplant salsa), Tabouleh (chopped parsley with lemon, broken wheat and olive oil dressing) and Greek Yoghurt (Cucumber and mint). The hummus and the Baba Ganoush were our clear favorites, whereas the Greek yogurt was a perfect addition during the summer. If you are visiting Eat around the corner with a large group, you have to order the Tapas platter as an appetizer for your table. If you are just two people, this might fill you up and refrain you from ordering much here.

Tapas and dip platter

Empanadas: stuffed with spinach and feta and served with tomatoes and chutney on the side. The stuffing had too much spinach and very little feta in it which reminded me of my childhood when we would have homemade ‘gujiyas’ made with pea fillings. If you are a die-hard spinach person/fan, these are just for you!


Penne Alfredo: BEST.PASTA.EVER! all you pasta lovers, this one’s for you! Cooked in Alfredo sauce with broccoli and herbs—oregano, thyme, basil and topped with parmesan cheese, this was the highlight of the meal. Portion size is good enough for two people, so order accordingly and enjoy your PASTA! Highly recommended at EATC.


Cottage cheese Cubano: my love for bread is undefined and when I saw the Cubano in front of me, I was super excited. Filled with bell peppers, aubergine, caramelized onions and a slice of cheddar cheese, this was definitely a delight to the taste buds. We felt the addition of little bit of salt/pepper can improve the taste of the Cubano to a whole new level.


Risotto: how often do you hear brown rice risotto and get excited thinking it might taste good/amazing? Well, think no further the brown rice risotto with roasted squash and arugula at EATC will not disappointed. Rice cooked to perfection, squash and arugula blended together to make for a scrumptious brown rice risotto. Highly recommended!


Churros: we always save the best for last, don’t we? But sadly the cinnamon dusted churros weren’t up to the mark. Churros are best enjoyed when they are crispy, and have a form to them. The churros we had had too much cinnamon on it and had an almost soggy-like structure to them however, the chocolate sauce served with the churros was delicious. We would have liked to have ended the meal with another dessert or preferred if the churros were a little more crispy.


All in all, EATC was one of these places were our love for its food grows with every visit and this one wasn’t any different. If you are in Bandra and are catching up with friends or have a quick meeting to attend, this is the place you should head to. If you have been to EATC, what has your experience been?

PS. Really looking forward to their new Cuban themed bar they are opening in south Mumbai soon! More information on that later 😉

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