Punjab Grill

Summer calls for all things nice—especially food. We tend to indulge in seasonal fruits and juices to keep ourselves cool in the roaring heat. We have had the experience of visiting restaurants with newly launched summer specials, Punjab Grill (PG), Andheri, being one of them. Located in the bustling lane opposite fun republic mall, Punjab Grill, Andheri is a must visit for all you north Indian food junkies.

You will be welcomed with a ‘Gajra’, Jasmine flower band for your wrists by smiling hostesses and shown to your table. They’ve made it into two sections, one by the bar and the other is by the buffet area with multiple tables.

Photo 15-05-15 20 03 00


Food: 4.25/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Jamun Iced Tea: freshly ground Jamun blended with tea was a lovely surprise in terms of taste, texture and presentation. A very surprising combination, prepared really well! I love Jamun as a fruit, but even if you aren’t a fan of the fruit, I recommend you try out this drink.

Photo 15-05-15 20 07 35

Pickled Olive Bhel: Served in a cutting chai glass with a wooden spoon, pickled olive Bhel is a perfect example of East meets West. Loaded with channa, peanuts, olives, and topped with pomegranate, cilantro and sev; this is a must-have appetizer at Punjab Grill. The tangy taste of the olives is well balanced by the other ingredients making it for a perfect start to the meal and experience you are going to indulge yourself into.

Photo 15-05-15 20 15 01

Tandoori Guchhi with salad: Guchhi, a type of Funghi which has a honeycombed surface which bears spores. The Guchhi was barbecued in cream and saffron on the tandoor was served with sprouts and a salad on the side. The Guchhi in itself is hard in texture which needs to be chewed a little more than other mushrooms/Funghi. The dressing on the salad, the croutons augmented the taste of the Gucchi. If you are a fan or like to try out different types of Fungi, then this appetizer is made for you.

Photo 15-05-15 20 35 27

Paneer Tikka: Paneer Tikka, the mother of all Punjabi food, is perfected by very few people and PG got it just right. Soft paneer marinated in cream with Masala and roasted on the tandoor to serve you the ‘it’ starter on your plates to take your meal to a whole new level. Must try for paneer lovers and Indian food lovers.

Photo 15-05-15 21 02 12

Beetroot Tikki: I don’t remember finishing anything with beetroot as an ingredient in it, but this beetroot Tikki had me longing for more! Crispy Tikki, fried (probably deep, as it was delicious!) is a little sweet and savory, cooked until perfection. Regardless of your preference for this vegetable, this is a must have here. You can thank me later, but make sure you order this without fail!

Photo 15-05-15 21 16 00

Stuffed Mushrooms: mushrooms stuffed with masala and vegetables are a good choice if you are looking for something spicy. Add a little bit of lemon to the mushrooms to make it tangy and enjoy!

Photo 15-05-15 21 20 36

Mango Sorbet with Pomelo: after eating so many appetizers, I thought my stomach was going to explode and I wasn’t very happy about it as I hadn’t reach main course yet! Jokes apart, we had had too much to start with and the chef served us with a mango sorbet topped with Pomelo to help digest our food and take a little break from eating. The mango sorbet is a must try given how they experimented with the mixing of sweet, sour and spicy! Sweet- the mango sorbet, Sour- Pomelo and the spicy- was from the orange powder as a topping on the sorbet. Very different and unique, must try given its mango season!

Photo 15-05-15 21 37 11

 Main Course

Assorted breads: they have several types of breads available – Tandoori roti, naan, garlic naan and Parathas. The garlic naan is one of the best naan’s I’ve had in a while.

Photo 15-05-15 21 57 03

Dal Panjratni: Amazing. That’s it, you have to order the dal to complete your meal and ensure yourself of making the right decision 🙂

Photo 15-05-15 21 55 16

Palak Makkai: spinach and juicy corn mixed together to make a great sabzi for your main course. Great in taste, well balanced and can be considered if you want to try something new.

Photo 15-05-15 21 58 16

Paneer Malai Pede: MUST HAVE. This sabzi was very different from any paneer sabzi I’ve ever had. Am mixture of paneer and malai pede/balls in the dish were so soft- almost felt like I was eating a marshmallow (the texture). The gravy was creamy with the right amount of masala making for this dish as a must have during your next visit to Punjab grill!

Photo 15-05-15 21 58 53

Tava Asparagus: Asparagus fried on the tava/pan with veggies and croutons was a delight to the taste buds.

Photo 15-05-15 22 02 34

Bahurangi Biryani: Saving the best for the last! The Biryani at PG was DIVINE! Everything about the Biryani was perfect in its own way, I don’t think anyone can do justice to describing how good it was. The perfect way to end your meal.

 Photo 15-05-15 22 13 40

Summer dessert platter: just when we thought we were done with eating, we were served with a summer dessert platter—created keeping the season, summer and seasonal fruits in mind. The platter contains: freshly cute cubes of watermelon and muskmelon, mango slices, litchi drizzled with caramel and hazelnuts, rabri, mango sorbet, sugar cane juice sorbet, mulberry sorbet, rasmalai, Jamun and churros. The sorbets were delicious which made us longing for more, if we hadn’t eaten way over our capacity. If you are at PG with a large group, this is the only option you should consider to taste a little bit of everything. Take your summer a notch higher with this dessert platter!

Photo 15-05-15 22 55 40

Photo 15-05-15 22 53 49

Pan shot: their signature dessert, the pan shot is a must have at PG.

  Photo 15-05-15 23 05 51

Overall, a visit to Punjab Grill with a large group will be the most beneficial in terms of the food and company. The restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays and or special occasions with immediate family and friends as it gives a very friendly and welcoming vibe. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at their newly opened restaurant in Andheri and cannot wait for our next visit. Do share with us your experience at PG and/or what are you looking forward to the most during your visit there. 🙂

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