Green tea is something I’ve started developing a taste for; and loving it with every tea I consume. It sounds like, I’m talking about beer but I’m learning to pick healthy options improving my self control.

When I heard of Typhoo launching their range of teas, I had to try them out. I bought their teas from Amazon.Typhoo Assortment Green tea: available in various flavors I chose to try out the plain and lemon grass infused green tea. A little stronger than the other green teas I’ve had so far, it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. In the lemon grass green tea, I could taste the grass which made me feel as if I am sitting in a massage/spa ready to pamper myself. I really look forward to trying out their coconut, masala tea and Tulsi flavored green tea soon!

Green TeaEarl Grey and English breakfast: my grandfather used to tell me if you have one cup of black tea a day, your immune system will be healthy and your visits to the doctor will be minimal. So, I like to indulge occasionally into black tea with a slice of lemon for a change of taste and routine. If you are a tea person, Typhoo teas will not disappoint.

Their green tea is definitely recommended. If you have tried Typhoo, let us know what you thought of it or which is your favorite flavor / brand of green / tea.


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