Café Terra – Executive Enclave

Given Mumbai’s fast life, we take off very little time to sit down, relax and enjoy a meal with loved ones and family. Once in a while, we look forward to relaxing and spending time with dear ones to catch up over drinks and food. The next time you are looking to go to a place where the food is good, the ambience is even better, Café Terra should top your list. Read on to find out why and we promise you will only come back home with memorable moments.

Photo 20-05-15 22 27 36

Located on Hotel Executive Enclave’s rooftop, Café Terra, is two doors away from Le 15 Patisserie on Pali hill and is very easy to find. The stairway to the café is decorated with great quotes and photos that will get you in a fun mood to unwind for the evening. With various seating arrangements to choose from: high-table, sofa style, and bar style; the view/ambience is spectacular from any corner of the café. With a huge television screen that plays sports/programs as per current events, this can also be a post work hangout spot.

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Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5


To start off we ordered for mock tails to freshen up and set the mood for the evening. We started with the Mint Fozan: mint blended with ice and topped with mint leaves was too sweet, as we customized the drink and asked them not to add any flavor/syrup. The first sip it felt like we were having mentos in liquid form and enjoyed it, but soon realized that it wasn’t so pleasant in taste as it was only mint based. We asked the server if he could change the drink for us as we thought the mint mentioned on the menu was mint leaves crushed in ice. They willingly agreed to help us and got us a strawberry flavored Frozen drink. This time, it was the perfect drink to start an evening with. Sweet strawberry in blended in crushed ice with a cute straw and topped with mint leaves is a must try for all of you with a sweet tooth.

Photo 20-05-15 20 42 31 (1)

The Mint Fozan

Photo 20-05-15 20 57 13

Strawberry Fozan

Ocean Sunrise: With strawberrry, apricot, fresh fruit pieces and mint leaves is a little too sweet but is a good choice to consider.

Photo 20-05-15 20 42 14

Jalapeno cheese croquettes: MUST HAVE. Seven pieces of jalapeno croquettes were served to us as the first dish of the evening and it only got us more excited to see what was in store for the rest of the night. The cheese was so soft, well cooked as it melts in your mouth with the first bite. Probably the best item on their menu yet!

Jalapeno Croquettes

Mushroom potato garlic chili: listed under the Chinese food menu, we were tempted with the combination of mushrooms and potatoes in garlic chili. Their portion size is huge, enough for three people who eat moderately. The mushroom was well-cooked; however the potatoes seemed to be a little over cooked. Soon, the mushroom was all over and we enjoyed the appetizer to the last bite. This is a must have if you are an absolute mushroom lover and/or you’ve run out of all other options.

mushroom potato garlic chili

Penne Alfredo: served with two garlic breads on the side, with a rich creamy sauce and perfectly cooked penne pasta. This is a no brainer when it comes to pasta, go on an order this dish already! Would have liked to try their red/other sauce based pastas as well, but unfortunately god only gave us one tummy! But we are definitely ordering their red pasta during our next visit.


Peppy Paneer Pizza: don’t think there is way to describe food when you are not able to eat more than one bit of it, but that’s what we are here for you guys. If their range of pizzas is anything to go by, then the peppy paneer has given us an idea of what they might taste like. To be safe, their pizzas can be avoided. The base was over cooked to an extent where it felt like we were biting into a crispy biscuit. The paneer was too hard, the sauce on the base felt more like ketchup than margherita sauce and we couldn’t taste the capsicum at all.


Blueberry cheesecake: after the pizza, we weren’t sure if we wanted to eat anything else. To be safe we ordered for a blueberry cheesecake, and we weren’t very disappointed. The base was perfect with not too much blueberry or cheesecake. It was a perfect end to a lovely evening. They usually have a dessert of the day, so be sure to ask the server for the special of the day.


We visited here to catch up with a friend, who we hadn’t seen in over 3 years and can already see ourselves planning for our next visit to Café Terra. The café is one of the best spots on the city if you would like to stay away from the hustle-bustle of Bombay but want to experience the charm of Bombay. The best time to visit Café Terra would be a little before sunset to enjoy the view and set the mood for the rest of the evening.

This is one of the few places in Mumbai with a rooftop café where the food, ambience and service is great to enjoy an evening out. So go on and reserve your table at Terra already! Be sure to let us know of your experience here, we are sure they won’t disappoint. 🙂


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