Gits: Ready to Cook

Last week we were craving for delicious South Indian food and thought we’d try out the ready to cook mix available from Gits for a quick home styled breakfast of Idli and Sambhar.

We got the pre mix pack, all we had to do was mix the powder in water and oil to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast! Read on to find out about out experience in detail!



Food: 3/5

Packaging: 3/5

Idli: the packet of idli makes about 16-18 pieces which is good enough for a family of four! In a mixing bowl, with two cups of water and little oil for the rice cakes to become smooth we prepared the batter and let it sit for ten minutes to give it a nice texture.


rice steamer

Then we poured the batter into the rice cake molds and waited for it to cook fully before consuming. The verdict: the idli’s were soft, just like you get at the udipi restaurants! We topped the idli’s with ghee to add to the taste of Gits Idli pre mix!

With The pack comes a complimentary Sambhar mix. All you have to do is mix the powder in boiling water, add small diced tomatoes to it and this is all ready within ten minutes! The Sambahr is a little too tangy with small vegetables pieces (onions mostly) that you can taste once fully cooked. For the non-jain folks this is an absolute delight to have with the Idli’s!
final product
As mentioned earlier earlier if you are looking to eat something that cooks real quick, or have unannounced guests at home, out on a holiday and craving Indian food, amidst the hills and mountains and want your idli and sambhar fix: the Gits pre mix pack should be your only choice! As it’s easy to carry, store and cook!
Have you tried out ready to cook products before? Let us know your views on this, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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