WOW Popcorn

Snacks are something that can make or break a relationship for us serious foodies. Actually, that’s true for anything related to food. But snacks have a special place in our hearts given they are easy and quick to eat! When invited by WOW Popcorn to visit their store for tasting the various flavours they offer, I was all excited. After all, popcorn is the ultimate snack and if had in limited portion is also considered healthy (minus the toppings of cheese, butter etc).

WOW Popcorn


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 2.5/5 (the a/c wasn’t working when we went)

Service: 3.5/5

WOW Popcorn has a variety of flavours available at their stores and they also do home delivery with a minimal charge! 1. Sizzling Pudina: very subtle Pudina in salted popcorn is for those who like experimenting and think “variety is the spice of life.” Is an option you should consider of you are looking  for a change from your routine flavours.

Spicy Pudina

2. Utter Butter Flutter: buttery popcorn. Need I say more? For all you butter and popcorn lovers this is an evergreen flavour which you cannot go wrong with. Utter Butter Flutter 3. Say Cheese: loaded with cheese and crispy popcorn is ideal for a movie night at home or for a midnight snack on a cheat day! Be sure to lick the cheese of your fingers as that’s the best part of having cheese popcorn, right? Say Cheese 4. Mumbai Cheese Tadka: Masala. Yes, medium spicy and loaded with masala is what you should get when you want a change and if you like your spices in your snacks! Mumbai Cheese Tadka 5: Famously Caramel: one of my favourites. Not many places can get caramel popcorn right but WOW Popcorn surely did! Perfectly coated caramel popcorn can be enjoyed as a dessert or simply when you have friends/family over. Famously Caramel 6. Mexicano: MUST HAVE! A little more spicy than the Mumbai tadka, and more strong in terms of spices. This flavour gets better with every bite you take. 7. Cocamello: saving the best for the last! A little bit of caramel and lots of chocolate coated popcorn. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well it tasted like heaven for sure! Priced a little higher than the regular ones, this flavour was the absolute winner of the evening! Cocamello Really looking forward to the new addition of flavour they are going to introduce very soon on their menu. After tasting the flavours mentioned above, I’m sure the new one is going to be even more interesting than the Cocamello! To sum it up, WOW popcorn is one of those places that you should definitely visit given that their popcorn is baked and not fried and they have delicious flavours that make for great snacks to store at home. They also make for great gifts to your immediate friends/ family. We loved the time we were there and are definitely ordering from here very soon. We want to hear from you on your experience at WOW Popcorn or which flavour are you looking forward to most? 🙂

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