Pizza Express

A sudden cheese or crunchy based pizza cravings had us thinking where we should go and then we headed to Pizza Express! This is one of those places where you will leave over full, satisfied and planning your next visit already. Our experience here was similar to what we described above! Here’s a quick description and review of what we ate while at Pizza Express.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Berry Fresca: refreshing! This is one out must-haves at pizza express! A little too sweet and is loaded with ice and mint leaves and makes for a perfect start to your meal while you wait for your FOOD!

Ginger Fresca : as a change we also called for the ginger Fresca and it had a little too much ginger. A little too strong to consume while eating pizza/Italian food.


Dough balls: if you don’t order the dough balls while at pizza express, you’re not ordering right. We all get impatient for our food to arrive but this will make the wait worthwhile!

 Dough Balls

Pomodoro pesto: perfect. The crispy thin base with pesto sauce drizzled over the pasta and topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, baby mozzarella and garlic oil makes for a perfectly balanced pizza to devour with each bite you take. Must-have at Pizza Express.


Unnamed: cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and goat cheese to top off the crispy thin based wood fired pizza was a treat to the taste buds. We had this post the Pesto and given its similar ingredients, the taste of the pesto retained in our mouths leaving us craving for more! We wish we could remember the name of this pizza, if any of you guys do, please help us! We will be forever grateful.


Overall, Pizza express is a place where you should go with friends/ family for a quick and fun meal and / or if you are craving for PIZZA! The staff is good and friendly and will help you as required, and their open kitchen with pizzolios working your orders adds to the uniqueness of the outlet in Colaba. Have you been to Pizza Express yet? What was your favorite here?


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