LSD – Love Sugar Dough

Stressed spells Desserts backwards; and what do you do when you are stressed – you eat! Actually, anytime is a good time to eat!

We headed to LSD – Love Sugar Dough last week to their outlet in Kemps Corner. Brightly lit and with enough signages this place cannot be missed. As we entered the store, we felt as if we walked into heaven! It smelled of bread, chocolate and fondant icing everywhere!


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3.5/5

We tried their assorted mini cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate truffle and dark chocolate. Perfect bite sized munchkins are delicious with enough icing on top to fulfill your dessert craving.

Mud pie

We also tried the chocolate mud pie which was heated int he oven for about 20 seconds. PERFECTION! Next time you are LSD, this is a must-have! Delicious brownie pieces with gooey chocolate in the mud pie will melt in your mouth making you crave for more and more!

Assorted cupcakes

These munchkins are priced at Rs. 20 each, and the mud pie at Rs. 50, which is value for money given their quantity and quality. They have a small seating area for about 8-10 people, with colorful chairs and tables with a very friendly and helpful staff.  They also have a variety of cakes – half and one kilo, red velvet & oreo jars, brownies, sandwiches and various other options. You will leave LSD very satisfied, looking forward to your next visit here!


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