Out of The Box

There are times when you want to enjoy a home cooked meal but you are too busy or pre-occupied with work or other things to get your groceries to cook. If you find yourself in such a situation, fret not – we have just the solution that you have been looking for — Out of The Box!

Out of The Box is a unique concept where you can select the dish you would like to enjoy at home from their website: www.ootbox.in; and they will deliver a box with all the ingredients required to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal without having to step out of the house. Each and every ingredient is packed and delivered to your doorstep, including salt and red chili powder, fresh vegetables among others as per your selection. They have various vegetarian options available across various cuisines — Thai, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian etc.,


Food: 4/5

Packaging: 4/5

The box!

Out of the Box!

We tried out the Soba Noodle Bowl which takes an approximate 35-40 minutes to cook. We chopped all the fresh vegetables and kept the noodles to boil simultaneously. Then moved on to cutting the paneer pieces to 1 inch squares as per the cooking instruction provided. Next, we added the sauces, beans and vegetables in a pan. The process was easy given everything needed for the preparation of the dish came in the box and the step by step guide.




The taste: simply delicious! The black beans, sesame oil and paneer elevated the taste of the soba noodle bowl to a whole new level! A wholesome and healthy meal that can be consumed for dinner by up to two people.

Verdict: OOTB is a great option for all those people who love cooking but don’t get the time to head to the store to buy the ingredients for their favorite meal, or want to improve on your cooking skills. It is also a good option if you are looking to bond with your friends/family/roommates over a great time of cooking and a lovely meal. Priced reasonably at 300 INR for each meal, OOTB gets two thumbs up from us!

Soba Noodle Bowl 2

They do Delivery next business day, so instead of planning your trip to the store, head to their website www.ootbox.in and order from a range of options available today!

We know we are going to be regulars at OOTB and we hope you have a pleasant experience ordering and cooking a lovely meal as well! 🙂

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