Once in a while, we like going out with family for Indian food and explore different places every time. Similarly, last week upon invitation we headed to Peninsula in Sion. They have three restaurants in the vicinity of the Cinemax Theater in Sion. Two are pure veg and one serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


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Cute little aquarium made at the entrance

We headed to the pure vegetarian restaurant opposite Cinemax. Mind you, this place is always packed, so arrive before time or remember to make a reservation in advance. We were shown to our seat and thus began a journey of flavorsome Indian food.


Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

We started with Virgin Mojito and a Fresh Lime Soda, as we couldn’t find many options in mocktails which weren’t too heavy or without ice cream. The Virgin Mojito was super in every way! Filled with mint leaves, just the right amount of syrup and lemons, it was a delicious treat to the taste buds. The Fresh lime soda was good, too. We asked for a little less sweetness and got just what we asked for. Then we called for a masala papad which was crunchy and perfect start while we wait for our food to arrive.

Virgin Mojito

Fresh lime soda

Masal papad

Masala Papad

Hash Corn Vegetables with Paneer: MUST HAVE! Labeled with the chef’s secret recipe, this dish is an absolute must-have at Peninsula. The vegetables are sautéed in a flavorful sauce and topped with hash brown potato Tikki (deep fried). The potato Tikki takes the taste of the vegetables to a whole new level. We couldn’t get enough of this dish; needless to say, we finished it entirely within minutes.

Hash corn

Achar spread

Achaar Platter

Veg. Makhmali: another dish which is cooked in the chef’s special gravy and is probably the best item on the menu! Spinach, peas, corn, paneer and special gravy are all blended and cooked together to give you a masterpiece named – Veg. Makhmali. Even if you aren’t too fond of your leafy vegetables, this dish will not disappoint!


Garlic Roti and Kulcha: Soft and delicious roti and Kulcha were served to us to accompany appetizing Veg. Makhmali               

           Garlic Roti                     Kulcha

Punjabi Dal Tadka: Delicious! Perfectly cooked and seasoned Dal Tadka is a choice you won’t regret ordering to complete your meal here. Their portions are good enough for 2-3 people, so order accordingly. We were stuffed by the time we were done with these dishes.

Punjabi Dal Tadka

Sizzling Brownie: There’s always room for dessert! We ordered the sizzling brownie to complete our meal. The sizzling brownie arrived quickly, and was obviously over within a couple of minutes. The brownie was a little too soft and was breaking/spreading on the hot plate as soon as we took a bite. We wished that the brownie was a little better cooked. If you order this dessert keeping in mind the taste and quality of New Yorker’s, Cream Centre etc., you will be disappointed, but, if you are open to trying out the same dessert with different tastes, you will enjoy this one.

Sizzling Brownie

All in all, we had a lovely time at Peninsula with great food, drinks and service. This should be the place you should head to if you are looking to dine out with family at a pure vegetarian restaurant anytime soon. We heard that their Mexican is great, too. We look forward to visiting here again to try out the same.

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