Café Free India

We are always on the lookout for new places and joints to try out to satisfy our taste buds and minds. We headed to Café Free India, having heard so much about their food and ambience – we were really excited. What followed next is a magical journey of food extravaganza which left us super satisfied and already planning our next visit here! Read on to find out details about this journey!

 Cafe Free India


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ginger Lemon Drink: this was the first thing we had at Café Free India. After what we call, the longest day, having this drink was super refreshing. Chunks of ginger floating in your drink with little soda make it for a perfect stress buster. Highly recommended.

 Ginger lemon drink

Red Velvet Shake: we were a little hesitant to have this at the beginning of out meal, thinking we might get too full and not have space left for Anthony else. To our surprise the red velvet shake wasn’t so heavy and literally felt like we were eating a liquid red velvet cupcake. If you are visiting Café Free India alone or with few people, a burger with fries and their shake is the best meal for you. Quick, clean and delicious!

 Red velvet shake

Mojito: honey, lime and mint crushed and topped with mint leaves is another drink we recommend if you’d like to be refreshed or if you so out enjoy Virgin Mojito’s.


Onion Rings: we’ve not had such crispy and delicious onion rings until today. The bread in the dough drains the oil out of each ring making it super crispy, leaving you wanting more and more.

 Onion rings

Pizza Mexicana: moving onto main course, we ordered for the pizza Mexicana. Loaded with veggies, chilies and moderate cheese this is perfect for all those who like a little spice in their food and prefer vegetables. All their pizzas are thin crust.

Bombay Masala Pizza: the base was a little undercooked but the paneer and sauce made up for everything. Paneer lovers do not miss this one. Be sure to tell them to make your pizza crispy to enjoy your meal. Another option for paneer fans is the Barbecue Paneer Pizza. We slightly liked this pizza more than the Bombay masala pizza – their house special.

 Mexicana and Paneer pizza

Veg Parmigiano Burger: MUST HAVE! Served on butter paper with fries, Café Free India’s house specialty burgers lived up to our expectations! We tried the Parmigiano burger with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato slices with Jalapeno mayonnaise. Soft bread buns surround this juicy vegetable patty that you are going savor until the last bite. When at Café Free India, a burger is highly recommended!

 Veg Parm burger

Veg Asian Pot Curry: their take on the Thai curry, is the Asian pot curry – another house specialty. If you are here with a large party, you should definitely try this, or come back another time to try this out. The curry was perfectly flavored with mushrooms, broccoli and other veggies. Neither too spicy nor sweet, we liked it.

 Asian Pot curry

Rice: to accompany the curry, we also tried their Burnt Garlic Rice and Butter Parsley Rice, both of them were amazing. We couldn’t decide which one was better: chunks of burnt garlic in the rice, added a nice flavor to the curry. Whereas the parsley added a subtle yet appetizing taste.

burnt garlic rice                                         Burnt Parsley rice

Burnt Garlic Rice                                                                          Butter Parsley Rice

Penne White Sauce: we were too full but, who can say no to more food, right? As we had our first bite of the Penne with white sauce, we knew we made the right choice of trying this out. Loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli, and garlic cream sauce, this dish is highly recommended if you are craving pasta, or have room for some more food in your tummy.

 White Penne

Gooey Chocolate Chip Brownie: we took a short trip to Heaven and came back! What we mean is that: the gooey chocolate chip brownie at Café Free India is DELICIOUS! Super soft and gooey brownie (homemade at the café), with vanilla ice cream topped with mint leaves is an absolute must-have here to end your meal on a high yet sweet note.

 Gooey chocolate chip brownie

To sum it up, Café Free India, conveniently located opposite Deepak talkies (now Matterden CFC) in Lower Parel is a must visit, the next time you are looking for good burgers and/or a great meal with value for money. Their lunch hours are usually packed, given the numbers of offices nearby, so you might have to wait a little bit before you are shown your seat. However, dinners are not as packed here. So, pick a time and date and head to Café Free India today, you can thank us later!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed eating it and reviewing it for you! 🙂

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