Biryani 360

Born in South India, we are avid fans of rice, in any vegetarian form! Having heard so much about Biryani 360, we thought of giving it a try. In co-ordination with the Biryani 360 team, we placed our order on, selected the veg. Biryani, time slot and waited until we could get home from work to attack the dish!

Biryani 360 1


Food: 4/5

Packaging: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

We chose the time slot of 7-8pm on a weekday and to our surprise the package was delivered within the promised time. We got home, tired and hungry and to our delight were served with delicious Biryani at dinner table.

The box is packed very well, which ensures that the contents don’t spill out when in transit, enabling you to enjoy your meal as you like, with the Raita (yogurt) or without. There’s funny cartoons made on the box, to give you company, in case you are eating alone! There is also an information sheet detailing on the ingredients, the cooking method etc., of Biryani 360. The box contains a napkin and spork – basically everything you need to complete and enjoy your meal, regardless of where you are eating.

Biryani 360

Getting to the point: the Biryani is heavenly! A little spicy, just as we like our food, balanced and perfect in every way! Filled with veggies and spices, the rice is perfectly cooked with various flavors hitting the right note with every bite you take! It was a delight to our taste buds and left us craving for more. The Raita was a little sour (Khatta), but went well with the rice preparation.

Who says you have to be a non-vegetarian to enjoy a good Biryani?

 Biryani 360 2

If you are rice/Biryani/food fan, Biryani 360 should be the place you think of the next time you want to order in, impress a few friends, or change someone’s perception of “Biryani is best enjoyed with meat!” we enjoyed our experience at Biryani 360 and are looking forward to many more Biryani nights!

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