Our work schedule keeps us so occupied; very often we indulge in quick snacks or meals, not keeping in mind our health or diet quotient. There are a few key intakes that must be consumed by us in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you said “yes” in your head while reading the above statement: we have just the solution for you!

Snackible – your one and only friend you should look to when you are hungry or feel like snacking the next time at work, home, on the way back from the gym and so on. We recently got a packet of their weekly box and here’s what we thought of it.



Food: 4.5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Wasabi Peanuts: if you like peanuts or wasabi, this one is going to be a delight! Perfectly flavored peanuts with wasabi make for a perfect afternoon snack.


Mexican Roasted Chickpeas: we’ve all had the usual chakna, which we have stocked at home always. This one is on the lines of that, only much much healthier. Baked chickpeas with a Mexican flavoring not only make it for the perfect evening/movie snack but also ensure you get in your recommended intake of protein a day.


Fruit Medley: dried mango, kiwi, pineapple, papaya and——. We’ve had dry fruits before but never of this combination. The fruits are dried, but have retained their taste and juiciness. Definitely, one of our favorites.


Whole Wheat Waffle: who knew a whole wheat waffle could taste this good? We went a step ahead and had this whole wheat waffle for breakfast with a dollop of ice cream and little whipped cream. We wish we could describe how good it tasted and the way it melted in our mouth, but we hope this image will suffice for now.



Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies: last weekend, we were up late watching a movie past midnight and were craving for something sweet. That’s when we had the dark chocolate ragi cookies. My, oh my! At first we thought why the chocolate is coated only on half of the cookie, only to realize that the whole point is to savor and enjoy the ragi, with an addition of chocolate to enhance the taste. If we could have this all day, we would!

DCRC              dcrc

The best part about these snacks – they are super easy to carry and store. We carried them in our bags and kept a few packets on our desk throughout the week and could feel the difference in our body and mind. Snackible aims at promoting healthier snacking in a fun way, and they are doing just that! We really enjoyed our weekly box of Snackible items and are looking forward to many more.

They have several types of boxes (monthly/weekly), with various options available: check it out here.


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