New Yorker

We’ve all passed by the New Yorker’s & Cream Centre outlets in Chowpatty hundreds of times by now. We’ve also eaten there several times (any of the Blue foods chain restaurants, in fact) and can never get bored of their food. We visited New Yorkers last week and decided to give you all a low down of how the meal was.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Classic Nachos with cheese: your meal is incomplete without having the nachos with cheese here. Look around the restaurant and you will spot at least one plate of this on every table! Their cheese has some magical ingredient, which makes for this dish to be one of the must-haves here! Nachos here are available in several varieties – plain cheese, beans and Mexican (with veggies on top). They also give just the cheese if you’d like to take some home with you.

nachos with cheese


Italian Berry Fizz: if we there was a taste to our childhood, this drink would be the ambassador. Sweet strawberry and lychee syrup with soda and lots of ice, adds a refreshing zing to the drink and your meal.

italian berry

Peach Frozen Margarita: Sweet summer in a glass! A mountain of frozen peach margarita (juice) is delicious and a sweet treat to enjoy your meal better.

Frozen margarita

American cheese corn balls: soft dough balls filled with cheese and bits of sweet corn are a delicious start to your food journey here. Must try!

Mexican Sizzler: if only the gods of heaven could taste this! At first we were apprehensive of how the combination of rice and pasta with veggies on a sizzler plate would be. However, on arrival at our table, we couldn’t wait to attack. On our first bite of this heavenly dish, it was confirmed that this dish has just made a special places in our hearts. The next time we are craving for a really good hot pasta meal, this is our go-to food. Coming to the sizzler – mildly spicy veggies, rice with two patties and saucy pasta in red sauce with French fries was so delicious, we couldn’t help finishing the whole sizzler. We’ve also tried their paneer shaslik and other sizzlers and they were great in every way. Their sizzlers are definitely recommended here.

mexican sizzler

Sizzling Brownie: Dessert bomb! Just like most of the items on their menu are must-haves here, the sizzling brownie, is no different. Each and every table will call for at least one of these. Sometimes, we pop into their restaurant just for this dessert, when we crave for something chocolate/sweet. Brownie topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on a hot plate is brought to your table, and once you are ready, they pour the chocolate sauce over. Be careful, as we always end up burning our tongue and are then unable to taste food for several days, which is worth it, given the taste. Just like a meal is incomplete without dessert, your meal here is incomplete if not concluded with sizzling brownie!

sizzling brownie

Their enchiladas are good, too, but a little too sweet.

Chili cheese toast is out of the world – loaded with cheese, veggies and green chilies.

We loved our time at New Yorker’s and other blue food chain restaurants, and these are our go-to place when we crave for the traditional Indian Mexican food, never getting bored of their items on the menu. How was your experience at New Yorker’s and/or any blue foods restaurant, and what is your favorite?

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