Kurries & Burries

Mexican food is one of our favorite foods especially when it comes to binging and/or when we are hungry. There’s a place in town called Kurries & Burries that promises to take you on a roller coaster ride with all its offerings and food. We headed down to the restaurant and tried it ourselves and boy the ride is oh so worth it! Here’s a sneak peek into our all vegetarian journey at K&B.


Food: 4/5

Service: self-service

Ambience: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Mango Mocktail: with the mix of mango and pineapple (very unheard of as a combination), churned with milk and is topped with loads of dry fruits to give you the perfect start to your meal at K&B. This is very filling and will leave you craving for more, but choose wisely as they have so many amazing items on their menu. mango mocktail

Lemon & Mint Ice Tea: filled with mint leaves, lemon juice and ice this is a perfect cooler/drink to go with your Mexican fiesta.

iced tea

Tender Berry: this one is for all the berry lovers. If you are super hungry and here by yourself or grabbing a meal to go for one order this or the mango Mocktail with one of their entrees and you will be all set! Sweet berries are churned in milk to give you this perfect drink which isn’t too sweet or blended.


Strawberry Mojito: mint leaves, fresh strawberry juice and ice. What else could one ask for? We were expecting the extra sweet, syrup filled Mojito, but what we were served with was fresh and delicious. As per their coolers and drinks we couldn’t decide our favorite between the four we tried as they were all better than each other. However, the mango Mocktail had us weak in the knees with the first sip!

Crackling Spinach with Paneer: it’s funny how a lot of us don’t have spinach at home but get super excited when we eat out! We are avid lovers of the vegetable and were super impressed with this dish here! Juicy Paneer cooked in a savory sauce, topped with crispy spinach leaves is a treat for your taste buds with every bite you take. Must have!

crackling spinach with paneer

Grilled Veggie Quesadilla: loaded with vegetables and cheese in an open quesadilla which is crispy and well-cooked adding to the taste of the dish. Served with tangy salsa sauce, go for this one if you are looking for something different.


Taquitos: A cone-shaped taco shell, stuffed with veggies and sauce is a savory rendition of mini ice creams. These are surely to get over in no time, so ensure to grab your piece as soon as it’s ready! The Taquitos are served with bean sauce, lettuce and sour cream.


Miniature Big Daddy Burrito: This. When you head to K&B next time, and have the miniature version of the Big Daddy Burrito, be ready to have your minds blown forever and the wish to retain this taste in your mouth for eternity. The reason its called a miniature version is because they have a big daddy burrito contest/challenge that you can take, given you can consume this in under 12 minutes (the current record). The size of the burrito is almost twice of the miniature version, and mind you, completing the miniature version can count as a task (a good one 😉 ), so imagine completing the big daddy burrito under a timer!

Chunks of spicy Paneer among rice, beans, vegetables, cheese and lettuce are wrapped for your convenience to enjoy your burrito. Trust us when we say this is an absolute MUST HAVE! If you are a small party order only this with a drink or better yet, go with a large party so you get the best of the entire menu.

mini burrito

Mexican Bites: The Mexican version of sev puri is loaded with cheese and veggies in little cups making it easy to eat. Try this if you like to stick to your regular Mexican dishes and aren’t in the mood to experiment.

mexican bites   bite

Chocolate Spring Roll: A new introduction in the menu, the chocolate spring roll should be renamed, “THIS IS WHAT HEAVEN FEELS LIKE!” Crispy rolls (deep-fried) filled with delicious chocolate sauce are the kind of dessert you should go for when you are craving for really good chocolate/dessert. The chocolate sauce is just perfect, not too sweet or bitter, just perfect! We are going again to K&B only to eat this and the burrito 🙂

Choc spring roll   choc spring roll

K&B is the kind of place you want to go to when you are in the mood for good Mexican food and/or a quick meal that is delicious and has super value for money. We recommend you take your parents along as they are pure vegetarian and their flavoring will tickle & appeal to everyone’s taste buds. We had a great time here, everything we tried was delicious, and will be going back here again for the Thai curries, Burrito and chocolate spring roll!

If you have been to K&B, do let us know what you thought about it!

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