China 1

Special occasions call for grand celebrations; be it promotions, birthdays, anniversary or catching up with a long-lost friend. The next time you are celebrating any occasion, the one and only place you should be heading to is China 1. We visited the restaurant in BKC and loved every bit of our time there. Read on to find out about their food, ambience and all that they have to offer the inner foodie in you.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

We were shown our seat and informed that we went on a dry day, so we settled with the Mocktail for the evening. We ordered the Alaska: refreshing! Blue Curacao, lime and ice (lot of it), with a cherry on top is a delight if you like blue/sweet drinks. Malibu Breeze: with fresh litchi pieces, coconut juice, lime and cherries for that extra flavor. It was a different drink with unusual combinations that we’ve ever had, so we ordered it. We felt like there was too much going on in terms of taste, as we couldn’t figure if we liked the coconut, litchi, lime or cherry more. If you like to try something different and walk on the path less taken – this one’s for you.

            Alaska                      malibu breeze

Fried Turnip Cake: Turnip! At first, we weren’t sure if we would like this dish, as we aren’t big fans of the vegetable. However, upon arrival: the fried cakes were gone in a few seconds! Delicious deep-fried cakes with mashed turnip in the filling are super soft and yummy to bite into. Topped with spring onions and a lovely garlic based powder/chutney (of sorts) that adds to the taste of this dish. MUST HAVE!

fried turnip cake

Veg Chive Dumpling & Truffle Edamame Dumpling: We called for an assorted platter of the chives and truffle Edamame to try something new again. We weren’t disappointed at all – Soft and baked dumplings with a good filling of chives and Edamame dumplings were a good change for our taste buds.


Assorted Mushroom Cheung Fun: rice cake’s baked and wrapped around mushrooms is something you must try, if you love mushrooms, as this dish has only mushrooms, lots of it. Served with soya sauce, is best enjoyed as an appetizer.

Cheung fun

Steamed Silken Tofu in Black Bean Sauce: super soft Tofu cooked and covered in black bean sauce is absolutely delicious with every bite you take. Get ready to be smitten by the silkiness of the Tofu and the taste of the sauce. We’ve had tofu at several places in Mumbai, but this one has to be one of the best. Must try for all tofu lovers and/or black bean sauce fans.

silk tofu

Sautéed Fresh Asparagus: THIS! We still remember the taste of this dish and wouldn’t mind grabbing some more right about now. We asked for this one to be prepared extra spicy and it was oh so worth it! Asparagus is cooked and covered in a rich spicy red sauce is an absolute must-have. Even if you aren’t fans of veggies or asparagus in particular, please do order this dish and we can guarantee your love for this one. If you can handle the spice, order for the extra spicy one and enjoy!


Water Chestnut, Lotus Root & Asparagus in Black Pepper Sauce: DELICIOUS. Perfect to go with the rice/noodles. Filled with veggies and is based in a black pepper sauce, which adds for the extra flavor and spice to the sauce. Recommended.

black pepper sauce

Spicy Edamame Beans Fried Rice: Writing this review has given us major flashbacks of our time at China 1 and craving for this rice in particular. They had us at spicy – the fried rice is delicious and goes very well with the black pepper sauce we called for. Make sure you keep some space in your tummy for this dish; or it’s almost as if your trip to China 1 is incomplete 😉

spicy edamame rice

Coming to Dessert, we almost wish we could have dessert at the beginning of all our meals but then there would be nothing to look forward to (also means more food 😉 ) The Blueberry Cheesecake is one of the best we’ve had so far. Why? Crispy yet soft crust, with the right amount of berries in the cheesecake made for the perfect end to our meal. Oh wait, there’s more! Chocolate Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice cream is the bomb. No literally, the chocolate in the spring roll is perfectly filled with sweet chocolate that makes you wish that they would replace the ice cream with spring rolls.

         Blueberry cheesecake                 choc spring roll

Italian Tiramisu: If you are one of those people who like to have a coffee at the end of your meals, we suggest you order the Tiramisu instead. We found the flavor of the coffee to be a little too dark, but our love for coffee, had us finish this dessert within minutes.


Overall, China 1 is the kind of place you should visit with family, friends, and special ones for special occasions. The food is oh-so-delicious, the ambience and service is outstanding. Basically, we loved our time here and cannot wait to go back (not on a dry day!) try out the other items on the menu and have a good time.

Also, they have a Deep in Dance event every Saturday at their BKC outlet where they have a new DJ/artist play every week; check it out on Facebook here:

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