8 Food

There are so many new places to try and such little time! We are trying to keep up and bring out the hidden gems of Mumbai’s restaurants to you. We recently landed upon 8 Food in BKC, which is an absolute must try for all you foodies – especially those working/residing around BKC, and those who watch what they ‘eat.’

8 food

8 Food is created with the concept to bring you healthy yet delicious food in various cuisines and customized as per your preference. Here’s a lowdown of our time devouring 8 Food’s items:


Food: 4/5

Ambience: NA (Take-away)

Service: Quick delivery

Value for Money: 4/5

We started with the Broccoli Spinach Soup – we love our veggies and this sounded like a treat to our taste buds and it was. The main ingredients are spinach and broccoli as the name of the dish suggests. Creamy yet healthy with every bite you take, this is the kind of soup that our mother will be very proud of. Definitely recommended for those who love their veggies, soups and/or healthy eaters

spinach broccoli soup
Malaysian Laksa Soup: we’ve had Laksa soup at various restaurants abroad and finally found a delicious, healthy and yummy equivalent in India! Made out of coconut, red Thai paste, herbs & noodles, definitely recommend.


Feta Tomato Sandwich in Ciabatta Bread: we just had a major drool session while writing this for you. Getting to the point- freshly made soft ciabatta bread with feta cheese and tomato sandwich is our new go-to sandwich. It’s pretty filling, so order this with a smoothie and you’ll be all set.

Feta tomato
Super Food Sandwich in Multigrain Bread: as the name suggests – this is the ultimate super food all you healthy eaters can get access to. Consists of avocados, hummus, beetroot & tomatoes which make for a delicious combination which will fill you up for a good 3-4 hours.

super food sandiwch
Veg Thai Curry
: flavorsome! The flavor, texture, spices and veggies were outstanding! So delicious and one of the finest Green Thai curry’s we had so far in Mumbai. We had this with steamed and Garlic tossed rice. The garlic rice takes the taste of the dish to a whole new level of food coma, which will be very difficult to get back to reality from.

Garlic rice
Stroganoff Veg: This was our first time trying this Russian delicacy and we loved every bit of it. Consists of shallots, mushrooms, Gherkins with whole grain mustard. The gravy is creamy, delicious and we could feel that we were eating healthy food without feeling guilty. Add this with Garlic/steamed rice to elevate your experience.


Lemongrass Iced Tea: the moment we read this on the menu, we knew we had to try it out. We weren’t sure of how this would taste, but we were pleasantly surprised. The lemongrass iced tea is one of their specialties, as the flavor is very subtle, which is a good thing given some people might find the lemongrass flavor overwhelming. Must must try!

lemon grass ice tea

Watermelon And Papaya Juice: all of their juices are so unique and in combinations we’ve never heard of, or dare to try before. Thanks to 8 Food, we got this opportunity, but couldn’t decide which one was our favorite, as they just keep getting better and better. The combination of Papaya and Watermelon is just perfect, not too sweet or bland. We could feel the fresh fruit in our drink and only made us love their juices more. Order this with your sandwich for the perfect meal.

W & P juice

Kiwi Pear Pineapple Juice: another of our favorites. The delicious combination of three of our favorite fruits had us wishing we had an extra stomach, so we could devour and savor the drink.

KPP juice

Assorted Brownies: If you are already thinking of ordering from 8 Food (which you should have by now given their delicious food offerings 😉 ); we have another reason for you. They also serve you with delicious Sleight of Hand brownies. Not that they need a description but we had the plain and hazelnut brownie and needless to say, we were in a certain food coma which took us a long time to recover from. The brownies were the cherry on the cake for us.

             hazelnut brownie                              brownie

From our experience so far, anything you order from their juices/food menu, will turn out to be amazing and you will be left with craving for some more and more of 8 Food. Their food, packaging, pricing and delivery is prompt and delicious. We already know what our next order from 8 Food is going to be; it’s time to start planning yours!

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