Tata Starbucks Coffee Championship 2015

Tata Starbucks always knows to make its customers and partners (read: employees) happy! We recently had the pleasure of attending the Starbucks coffee championship at their first (and best) store in Fort, where in the six qualifiers from all zones were going to battle it out to represent India at the world championship.

k4EyESUzhLR3G3Q3ePIkSLSVEtVoSo0DA-ly6wpkXcQCEO Avani encouraging Starbucks’ partners

The event began with a lovely Ganesh Vandana, dance performance depicting Indian culture followed by introduction of the contestants from the North, West and South Zone. The international team of Starbucks was in attendance with CEO, Avani Davda, CFO, Sumit among others.

G3jRjMBamc74_KF8Loluj3k5Iurx_AxoZnN6AEvbmTYGanesh Vandana

claFPXXddgNgB2wusHCOfVBUkWdFhMCanuYOrIqTSlAThe Judges

The Championship’s Grand Finale was held amidst a panel of prominent judges consisting of the Tata Starbucks leadership team as well as senior Starbucks Leadership from CAP region. During the finale; partners competed in four exciting and challenging rounds which consisted of a Personal Coffee Tasting – Pour Over session in which they demonstrated both their knowledge & passion for coffee in an interactive coffee tasting, a Bar Skill round which tested their Beverage Artistry skills and the ultimate Blind Tasting Round to test the accuracy of their coffee palate. The last round was an elaborate Question & Answer round in which the six Coffee Masters were judged on the basis of their proposed presentations to elevate coffee leadership in their markets.

Each and every one displayed great passion, enthusiasm with such positive energy that we felt proud to be a part of their journey on this day. The love, care and affection shown by the top management of Starbucks towards their ‘partners’ was very evident and set the vibe for the room for the day.YYkKqoUIDWlBzgcoX0TyfLQtvReqj93eU93fWTu8ZVA                                             Veg Sandwich on Multi grain bread

Our heartiest congratulations to all the finalists and the winner, Saili Rane! We cannot wait to visit you at the Domestic airport terminal to experience your coffee-making skills and to see that wide smile on your face again! IW_rqLzdKetGgcCEx93vwnE5_dfO19XWSeOR1K-5VkQ   Winner Saili Rane is all smiles

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