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With over a decade of serving excellent food, K&K at ITC Hotels recently celebrated with its renowned chefs from different cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Jodhpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad among others.


We were delighted to be a part of this evening where eight celebrated chefs presented us with their creations of kebabs including their signature ingredient/dish.
Each chef had prepared two special kebabs for The evening and here is a description of what’s in store for you when you visit K&K for their kebab festival until 13 September.
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Guftagu: Chef Farooqui of ITC Grand Central knows how to play with your stomach, taste buds and your minds! The first kebab of the evening and will be a forever favorite of ours! Fresh cabbage with cardamom in the kebab that is shallow fried in ghee. So soft yet crunchy and the flavors were just perfect. Given a chance we would go for this and any other preparation by Chef Farooqui in a heartbeat.
Vrantikam: Chef Gunjan Goela of ITC Hotels specializes and prepares only vegetarian dishes. She is trying to bring back the connect of our history with food by preparing items that are healthy for the body and aid in digestion. The Vrantikam is charcoal grilled eggplant slices that are stuffed with onion and hungcurd and trust us it tastes nothing but delicious. The Hungcurd is perfect and goes well with the eggplant, if you ever are lucky enough to meet/try anything prepared by Chef Gunjan request for this one 🙂
Shabarkand: Sweet Potatoes as we all know is also called Shabarkand and is extremely healthy but we never think of having it as a part of our main course in our meals due to several reasons. But Chef Gunjan is here to change your perspective! Charcoal grilled sweet potato topped with pomegranate and is served with sweet and tangy mint chutney. The sweet potato is grilled to perfection and the chutney (Dates & jaggery) adds a little zing to the taste.
Tofai-e-Zameen: Chef Srinevasu of ITC Windsor presented us with the healthiest version of the kebab we have tried yet. Yam stuffed with royal cumin, pomegranate and cheese in the shami which is grilled on the tawa. at first we weren’t so sure of the combination of pomegranate and cheese but as we bit into the shami, we were delight and helped ourselves with another serving.
Vazalaphoo pertati: Chef Sundar of ITC Grand Chola, Chennai surprised us with his preparation! We had never tried and heard of eating banana blossom (even though we grew up in Chennai!) Banana Blossoms have been mixed with spiced potatoes and pan grilled. The chef pointed out that we need to be careful when picking the blossoms, as a certain part of the blossom can get stuck in your throat. Having never tried this type of kebab ever before, this one was another of our favorites of the evening. The next time we are in Chennai’s ITC Grand Chola, we cannot wait to try more of Chef Sundar’s preparations.
Kache kele ke kebab: Chef Surat Singh of ITC Mughal pampered us with raw banana’s kebabs which was healthy and delicious to a whole new level. The cardamom in the kebab gave it a very pleasant taste and made it a little spicy, just as we like our food.
Gulezaar dungri kebab: Chef Zaki of ITC Gardenia served us the king of kebabs- in terms of taste and healthiness. Mixed green vegetables & dry fruits with cardamom was finally grilled on the tandoor. Soft & delicious kebabs left us craving for more, but we had to make space for other kebabs & dessert.
Guchchi paneer ke kebab: Chef JP Singh of ITC Maurya prepared two of our favourite ingredients combined in one! The paneer was soft as was the morels. Perfect amount of spice made this kebab one of our favourites  of the evening.
Sangriki shami: Chef Akshraj Jodha of Welcome Hotel Jodhpur helped us reminisce our childhood. we’ve had this dry vegetable at home during special occasions and fasts, but little did we know that kebabs of Sangri would taste absolutely delicious! The kebab’s are soft and you won’t need a knife to dig into this one. A true delight.
Our stomach was about to explode but a true foodie can never say no to food, so when Chef Farooqui explained us the difference between ‘Pulav’ & ‘Biryani’ and how each state customizes the pulav to adhere to its taste palate, the orignal Lucknowi Pulav changes its taste in every state you try it at. Chef Farooqui’s Lucknowi Pulav was simple yet delightful with every bite we indulged into. We cannot wait for the next opportunity we get to try some more of his preparations and be pampered for the evening.
Saving the best for the last Chef Avani pampered (literally) us to a Gulab (Rose) Panna cotta, which was an absolute delight to everyone on the table. Served with Gulab Jamun and drizzled with oats and dry fruits on the side made it for the perfect end to a glorious celebratory night we had the pleasure of being a part of. If you ever do get the chance of trying this out, just go for it and thank us later! 😉
Overall, we would like to thank K&K for including us in being a part of their celebrations of K&K completing ten wonderful years and we are only sure that this is just the beginning of history. The food, staff, Chef’s and everything about the restaurant is something our family loves. K&K is the place we go to twice a year on my parents’ birthday and come back enjoying more than we did the last time we were there. Their Kebab festival is on until 13th September so go ahead and indulge &pamper yourself with the specialities prepared by the chef until perfection for – you!
If you have ever been to K&K or ITC’s any other restaurants, don’t forget o share your experiences with us.

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