Wok This Way

Lower Parel is slowly becoming the hub of south Mumbai. With a sudden burst of restaurants, cafes, bars, stores opening you can go her everyday and still have something new to discover. We recently landed up going to Wok This Way, that’s situated on the same stretch as Quattro and SpiceKlub.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

WTW is easy to spot as it’s brightly lit up with enough signages, is vegetarian friendly and easy on the picket for the quality and quantity of food they provide with. The concept is simple yet different at the same time. To start with they have limited but great options of juices available which are super healthy and fresh! If you look at their manufacturing date and expiry date it’s with a difference of hardly two days. This helps in ensuring that you are consuming fresh and healthy juice. They have over five flavors/combination of juices for you to choose from and be warned you will spend a good five minutes trying to figure out which one to settle for. We settled for the apple-beetroot-carrot, Apple-pineapple-wheatgrass and mixed fruit to get a little taste of every flavor. These Jus Divine cold pressed juices are priced at 149₹ and worth every penny! You will figure that out for yourself once you’ve started drinking the cold pressed juice and is a perfect combination to go with your meal at WTW!

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Their motto is to serve healthy yet fun food which is freshly prepared- right in front of you, measured to ensure you have the same experience as everyone else, every time. Their menu is interactive- giving you the freedom of choice of sauces, veggies, toppings and grill.


We started with the dish of the month- Nasi Goreng which means “fried rice” in Indonesian and Malay. They started preparing it right in front of us, so we can get an idea of how our food is prepared. The aroma that we inhaled for those five minutes made it even more difficult for us to wait any further to dig into the dish.

As the Nasi Goreng came to our table, we were sure this is what love at first sight feels like. Served with rice crisps and freshly cut zucchini on the side, we mixed the Goreng and continued our love affair.

Perfectly spiced, flavorful and steaming hot- the Nasi Goreng had already stolen the show and set higher standards for the rest of the evening. Ask the chef for the monthly special and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on the Nasi Goreng: do not think twice, just go for it.


Tofu and Pepper steak: we continued with the tofu and pepper steak in X’O Sauce (Hong Kong style sauce blended with some fried onion and brown garlic adding delicious flavor to the dish) topped with Bok Choy, bell peppers and water chestnuts which was garnished with fried basil leaves and fried peanuts. We were customizing out next love story at WTW and boy was it a good one!

Super soft tofu, the pepper adding a little and just the right amount of spice as the sauce was very flavorsome as well. With our first bite of the steak we knew we had made the right decision- again.


For dessert we tried the infinite caramel and Java cake. All their desserts are custom-made for WTW, so ensure that your try at least one of them whilst your visit here. The infinite caramel took us into a whole new dimension of our lives, one where there is an infinite supply of this dessert and everything ends happily ever after. Unfortunately, we had to come to back to our senses to try out Java cake and it was totally worth it. Coffee and chocolate cake was the perfect way to end the meal and a lovely evening at Wok This Way. Super recommended.

gttYa9j_smtZCV1r_VvYSEJPiOeN0j01A4GU9sdMIMIInfinte Caramel

jKudyufBDHJBGVARslJkYtxBzfdVgTfYne4xUjlG-6AJava Cake

The staff is very friendly, food is outstanding, portions are good and everything is worth its price; as they make your food in front of you using fresh and healthy ingredients. We know we have started a new love affair with an all vegetarian restaurant and it’s going to be a long and interesting one.

We suggest you try this place out and decide for yourself to know a whole new and the right way of preparing and eating Food cooked in a Wok and to reassure yourself that vegetarian food can be healthy and delicious at the same time 🙂

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