The next time you are looking for a place to head out to for a meal – Lower Parel should be good enough to decide on the location. Now comes the difficult question of where? With so many new places and joints opening every other week/month in the area. When we heard of a new restaurant opening in Raghuvanshi Mills named FIRKI*, we decided to try it out. FIRKI* is a cute little place with a burst of colors in every direction of the restaurant right from the entrance door, walls, menus, glasses and everything else.


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Brightly lit with big bold letters “FIRKI*” at the entrance of the mill, makes this place very easy to locate. Read on to find out about our experience:


Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Value for Money: 3/5

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Mini Batata Vada: MUST HAVE! Mini sized batata vada’s are crispy and served piping hot. goes very well with the mint chutney served on the side. If you love your potatoes and don’t want to risk trying new items, this one is for you.


Masala Dosa Dumpling: Mini Dosa dumplings with filling of potato just as we have in our masala dosa. since the dumplings were deep-fried, we found it to be a little too oily on the outside and couldn’t consume more than one.



Palate of Chutney’s and Peanut chutney powder

Pav Bhaji Fondue: Fancy! We’ve had fondue’s before specifically Pav Bhaji fondue as well, but this one was interesting. The Bhaji was a little too watery and the flame burner had to be relit given the air conditioner in the restaurant falling directly on our table. The bread was crispy and good, but our overall experience with the fondue was very mediocre. We’d say they have plenty of other interesting items to try.

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Kothamir Wadi Chat: Little Wadi’s tossed in yogurt, sev, chutney’s and topped with cilantro (Kothamir) makes for a tangy yet healthy chaat. if you are looking for a light appetizer to begin your meal, this is the one you should try!


Singh & Singhoda Chat: Peanuts and water chestnut are tossed with chutney’s to make you another sweet yet healthy appetizer. We really liked this one for its taste and health quotient. It is a little filling and portion size if just right for two people, so order accordingly.


Lasooni Paanki: Paanki is a well-known Gujarati dish that is best enjoyed with chutney (liquid and dry) which is steamed with the batter kept between banana leaves. It’s a very thin desi pancake with the garlic flavor; making it ideal for a quick snack/ palette cleanser kind-of-a dish. the Chef at Firki* has got the Paanki right and they have over 5 types of Paanki’s available so go on choose your favorite and indulge!


Satpadi Roti – Kathiyawadi Mix Sabji: coming to the main course after long discussions and thoughts we settled with the Kathiyadi Sabzi with the Satpadi Roti (on request) and we were delighted with every bite we took. The sabzi is a mix vegetable sabzi with  highly appetizing flavors and just the right amount of spices. This is highly recommended if you want to remember your time at FIRKI*


Dal Baati – Papad Churi: While we were at FIRKI* this was probably the most ordered dish on each table (and this we say from a full house within the first week fo the restaurant;s opening 🙂 ), so ordered a plate for ourselves and loved every bite of the Daal Baati. We found the portion size of the baati to be too little compared to the daal. The daal was outstanding! We managed to  finish all of it sans the baati and wish we could have more, but we had many more dishes to try out. The papad churi that comes with the dish was finley chopped to make it easy to gulp down, but the excess salt in the churi didn’t help. Hopefully when you guys visit the place, the salt proportion in the churi will be just perfect.


Palak Khichdi: Weve tried the Palak khichdi at several places before- some a bright green (unlike the color of spinach), some not so appetizing in taste; however the Palak Khichdi at Firki* is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! you can feel the freshly grated spinach mixed in the khichdi making the dish just a perfect one to end your experience at Firki* with. Must have.


Baked Cheese Khichdi: With innovation and quirky factor being FIRKI*’s forte, we thought of giving th Baked Cheese Khichdi a try- it was well worth it! Moong Khichdi with Basmati Rice is pre-cooked and topped with Cheese to be baked in the oven until perfectly cooked. The amount of cheese the khichdi is topped with, is just right and goes very well with the taste of the Khichdi as whole. We felt it was a great combination of two of our favorites.


Masala Chaas: Gujarati and Marwari food goes best along with Chaas; in order to enjoy your food to a higher degree, go on an order the chaas already! Perfect thickness, salt/pepper and is topped with lots of cilantro.


Masala Cola: we expected this one to get us all nostalgic of our childhood, however it was very mediocre. We felt it to have too much of Masala taking away from the taste of the cola. If you are running out of options, then think of this one, or stick to your plain simple water.


White Rose Petal Sharbat: This was our first choice and were very disappointed when we were told they have run of the sharbat. However, mid meal the servers brought us glasses of water, which we realized were actually white rose sharbat’s. Perfectly sweetened white rose petal sharbat at FIRKI* stole the show for us. Must try this different kind of accompaniment to your meal, we are sure you wont be disappointed.


Gulab Jamun with Ice cream: No meal is complete without dessert- similarly we opted to try out an indian delicacy and a cheesecake. The Gulab Jamun is delightful- soft, succulent and topped with vanilla ice cream. Its safe to say that the Gulab Jamun was the perfect choice to end a super desi meal at FIRKI*


Nutella Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake: Having read Nutella, Oreo, Chocolate and cheesecake in one sentence had us tempted and we were delighted that it tasted heavenly. There is something about desserts and us entering into a new dimension while consumption and this one took us the furthest we have been into the dimension yet. Soft and flavorsome cheesecake is highly recommended even if you have no space in your tummy, just order this and thank us later 😉


Overall, FIRKI* is a great place to visit with family, friends, business colleagues as it captures the essence of India, its culture and diversity in food. The portion size if just enough for 2-3 people, so order accordingly, staff is friendly but needs to be trained a little more on their house specials etc., The food speaks for itself, so does the decor and ambience of the restaurant. The place is a must visit as it has something for everyone’s taste and choice, will surely have you leave the restaurant happily and planning your next visit here.

FIRKI* Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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