TATA Starbucks Introduces Flat White in India!

Trust Starbucks to always keep you longing for your next visit to their cafe. If you were looking for a reason (as if, we ever need one!) to head to Starbucks, look no further – they have introduced the Flat White Beverage in India last week!

Major Cohen, the Global Coffee Ambassador was recently in India where they hosted a coffee tasting session at the end of which they revealed the announcement of the Flat White being available in India.

      Photo 15-09-15 12 16 36                                      Photo 15-09-15 12 21 27

The Flat White is an artistic espresso beverage made with two bold Ristretto shots, combined with a thin layer of velvety micro-foam and finished with a latte art dot.

Photo 15-09-15 12 56 46Our new favorite- The Flat White

“It is my pleasure to be back in India to share my passion for coffee with all the coffee lovers. During my last trip to India to celebrate Tata Starbucks’ 1st anniversary, I had the privilege of launching the exquisite India Estates Blend, a winning concoction of the finest Arabica beans carefully selected from Tata Coffee’s estates spread across Coorg and Chickmagalur. This time around as Tata Starbucks approaches its 3rd Anniversary, I am extremely thrilled to introduce the celebrated Flat White beverage in the country” said Major Cohen.

At the event we were lucky to interact and get expert intake on how to taste your coffee, pairing your coffee with different foods etc from the first winner of the Starbucks Coffee Championship from India, Saili Rane and the third runner up- Rubeena Qureshi.

We tried the Starbucks Veranda Blend, India Estates Blend & Sumatra. Similar to wine tastings, coffee also has a procedure to be enjoyed and tasted. The first step is to inhale & smell the coffee, then slurp so you intake some air while sipping in the hot coffee followed by figuring out the body texture of the coffee based on where you feel it on your tongue.

Photo 15-09-15 12 29 05

Starbucks Veranda Blend: this coffee comes from Latin America, where the coffee farms are run by families whose houses are near the coffee farms. This coffee got its name because the farmers have enjoyed sipping this coffee sitting on their verandas to the view of the beautiful coffee farms. This coffee was paired with a delicious crisp butter croissant and Almond Biscotti

Photo 15-09-15 12 29 33

Photo 15-09-15 12 29 36

Starbucks India Estates Blend: This coffee was introduced to the world in 2013, during the 1st anniversary of Starbucks in India.  This coffee has hints of cocoa and herbal flavors as found in various other Starbucks coffees. This was paired with Java Chip Chocolate Cookie and Chocolate Coated Nuts

Photo 15-09-15 12 37 59

Photo 15-09-15 12 38 06

Starbucks Sumatra: originating from Sumatra, Indonesia, this coffee has flavors of dried herbs with very less acidic content: the taste lingers on the corner of your tongue. The Lemon Loaf Cake was an excellent choice and paired very well with the coffee, along with roasted nuts.

Photo 15-09-15 12 47 25

Photo 15-09-15 12 47 19

With having learnt so much about coffee, the best way to enjoy it, its flavors, food pairing and acidic content in the coffee, it was a very informative and interactive afternoon we had at the Starbucks Horniman Circle outlet. A big Thank you for Major Cohen for visiting India and sharing his knowledge and expertise on coffee with us. Here’s to many more new additions to the coffee’s available at Starbucks and  many more excuses to head to the cafe.

Photo 15-09-15 13 09 48 (2)

With (L-R) Saili Rane, Rubeena and Major Cohen

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