Will you be my Honey (Twig)?

We’ve all grown up consuming several foods out of jars – pickles, honey, sauces among others. These jars have to be taken special care of where and how they are stored; one of the memories that pops into our heads now is when we were growing up was helping our grand mother pack the jar and put it in the store-room so it wont get spoilt and will stay safe. Gone are those days where any of us have much time and patience to store and take care of the jars. In the new age, we do everything that is more convenient, hands on and mess free.

Similarly, when we heard about Honey Twigs, an easy, mess free and super convenient way to enjoy honey, we decided to try it out and wanted to share with everyone several ways Honey can be enjoyed given its health benefits.


image source http://www.honeytwigs.in

The first thing when we think of honey, breakfast is what pops into our heads. breakfast being such an important meal of the day (actually every meal is super important šŸ˜‰ ) we try to experiment with different foods and ways to add some excitement to the everyday routine.


Breakfast food: Add a honey twig to pretty much all breakfast foods such as Toast, Milk, Cereal,Pancakes,Waffles, Paratha among others.

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Tea: Green/Black as you like it, instead of sugar or other additives, add a dollop of honey and you are all set to enjoy the healthiest cup of tea for the day!


image source http://www.honeytwigs.in

Lime Juice: We’ve heard from the best of the dieticians, gym instructors and most of all our mothers to have a glass of warm water with 1/2 tablespoon of honey and limeĀ juice first thing in the morning for a detox every day. Well, go on and make your mother’s/instructors and your day by consuming a glass of lime juice with honey; trust us it will make you feel a lot healthier from within.

Ginger: the next time you know someone who has a cold or suffering from any illness go to you kitchen grate some ginger and add some honey to the juice. Try this for 2-3 days; twice a day and notice the difference in no time.

Salad: many of us are trying our best to eat healthy once a week to detox our body. the most common food we consume during this detox are salads. The next time you are thinking of getting a salad, try using honey as dressing ( just as needed to avoid too much sweetness). Don’tĀ forget to get your required protein intake- add-on some almonds, walnuts and/or peanuts to your salad; we don’t think it can get healthier than this!

Roti: As children, our favorite snack in the early evenings was to have roti with ghee and sugar. As a healthy alternative, we recently tried our roti with honey and it was delicious!

Dessert: Add honey to your dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and you won’t feel super guilty either šŸ˜‰

Overall, if you think about it honey is something that can be enjoyed pretty much with all kinds of foods, meals, ingredients!Ā The folks at Honey Twigs have made life so much simpler with the way honey is packaged, so you can pretty much consume the twig at any given place and time: be it your car, workplace, lunch time, tea time snack among others. Slowly but surely, Honey Twigs is becoming an essential in our bags and kitchen!


Available in a packet of Ā 30 single pack twigs and 10 single twigs, buy your own Honey Twig pack from http://www.honeytwigs.in today!

What do you think about Honey and which is your favorite way to consume and enjoy honey, do share with us!


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