38 Bangkok Street

Being a vegetarian we get asked many questions including, “Do you ever feel like trying non-veg?”; “What do you eat- leaves?”; “How do you eat this?” among others. If you have been asked or told these questions to anyone: we have an answer and a solution for you – 38 Bangkok Street! Located in the bylanes of Fort (a 5 minute walk from Starbucks Fort outlet), this vegetarians paradise is a place everyone should visit and explore at least once (while we guarantee you will want to visit here again!)

Photo 21-09-15 19 56 53

Photo 21-09-15 19 57 31
We were shown our seats as soon as we sat down but the very courteous staff that ensured to keep our interests in mind with their specialties.

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5


Value for Money:3.5/5
Just as you are seated they serve you with jasmine tea, and this will be served to you as many times through the evening as you like.

Photo 21-09-15 19 53 20

They also serve you with Kimchi salad and cucumber on the table as you settle in and decide what you would like to order.

Photo 21-09-15 19 52 30

Unlike any meal we started with the soups: Thuppa: Tibetan clear soup with mixed vegetables was the first dish we tasted here and loved every bit of it to the las drop! The soup had a very good flavour that went well with the vegetables- not too salty or spicy; just the perfect way to begin your meal.

Photo 21-09-15 20 03 14

Tom yum: the inputs Thai soup with lime leaves, galangal, chilly, mushrooms and other vegetables. Our personal favourite of the night. We still remember the taste of the soup on our palates and only wish we could have some more again. This one is slightly more suited with those who like their soup spicy and flavourful. Definitely recommended.

Photo 21-09-15 20 02 42

Java Lotus stem: Crispy fried lotus stem with ginger and garlic is tossed until perfection (read super crispy and flavourful sauce). We loved every bite of the dish we had and cannot stress enough on how well the chef has managed to cook this and retain the flavour at the same time. Must must try!

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 53

Kung pao cottage cheese: cottage cheese grilled with dry chilli in ginger and garlic sauce. The cottage cheese was very soft and the source was very flavourful making this dish the highlight of the evening we recommend this dish if you would like to stick to your favourite cottage cheese for the evening. There’s plenty of other dishes to try for the evening otherwise.

Photo 21-09-15 20 09 42

Watermelon lemonade to start the evening we called for a couple of mocktails. We started with the watermelon lemonade that came in a mason jar and was freshly squeezed watermelon juice with a hint of lime. Watermelon is our favourite juice, and this was the first time we’ve had it with lime and loved every sip of it.

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 25

Miyagi mojito: very different and something that everyone should try here. The Miyagi Mojito also came in a meeting jar and is made out of passionfruit, lime juice, soda and mint. The four ingredients blended very well together making this our favourite drink here.

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 28
Strawberry Colada: recommendation of the staff we ordered the strawberry colada which is essentially a strawberry milkshake presented very beautifully in a martini glass. The milk and the syrup ratio was perfect making it not too sweet and a great accompaniment for the meal at 38 Bangkok Street.

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 30

Nasi Goreng: We’ve had this at different restaurants before and on the recommendation of the stuff we ordered the nasi Goreng year and loved it. It was a little dry compared to what we’ve had before but went well with the curry and by itself as well.

Photo 27-09-15 15 41 58

Pattaya noodles: this is one dish that everyone must try when visiting 38 Bangkok street. The pattaya noodles were perfectly cooked in a semi dry sauce that we ended up eating without any curry as it was just so good. We could go for the noodles again in a heart beat!

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 17
Exotic vegetables in coriander sauce: we’ve got always had curry with rice and noodles and it’s been a very similar flavour. This time we thought of trying out the exotic vegetables in coriander sauce as we feel like doing something very different! It was a darn good choice. Vegetables such as water chestnut, mushrooms, carrots, among other vegetables were cooked in a coriander sauce or cilantro sauce. The flavour is very different and cannot be defined in words so we recommend that you try to dish out on the day you feel like trying something different and we are sure you will not regret this.

Photo 27-09-15 15 42 15
Mango lychee smoothie: we also tried out the mango lychee smoothie and this reminded us of our childhood summers. If you like smoothies with your meal or mangoes /lychees we recommend this with your meal. It can get a little filling because of the milk and the fruit content but it’s totally worth it.

Photo 21-09-15 20 38 43
Sangkaya: The house speciality in desert which is essentially a Thai coconut-pumpkin cake topped with vanilla ice cream. Soft layers of the cake blend very well with the ice cream making this a sweet & perfect end to a lovely meal at 38 Bangkok Street. They also have the sizzling brownie, cakes and other ice creams but we recommend trying out the Sangkaya.

Photo 21-09-15 21 08 48
The portion size is good enough for three people per dish so order accordingly. We loved everything about the evening we spent here- the food, decor and service. And we know for a fact that this is going to be the it place anytime we have friends and family visiting us anytime soon. We were there on a weekday evening were happy to see that the place was getting packed as the night progressed, so reservations are recommended.
Let us know if you have been here and /or your favourite vegetarian places in the city.

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