Roti Kapda Makaan

We work so hard to enjoy the basic necessities in life which include three essential items: Roti, Kapda and Makaan (RKM). Now many of us have heard of the cafe and store with the same name situated in Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel. With our recent posts about so much happening in the area, we present to you another hidden gem that you must explore over the weekend!

The concept behind the store and cafe was conceptualized by Henal and Sneha when they were trying to find fun and quirky furniture/decor items in the city. RKM has something for everyone in store: kids and young adults. They have tried to create an experience in the store with the three basic forms of necessities being available in one space itself. Roti – a small yet lovely cafe, serving quick bites, biryani in a jar, desserts with other accompaniments. Kapda: A variety of boxers, pajamas, vests, kurtas among others. Makaan: anything and everything that is needed to decorate your room and around the house is available here – coasters, kettles, magnets, wall clocks etc., Everything available here is so quirky, with fun & colorful prints that you will have a hard time deciding what not to take home.

Photo 19-09-15 13 38 23

Photo 19-09-15 13 38 34


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

We were awestruck by the items available at the store, that we decided to sit down, grab a bite and then decide what we would like to take home. Read on to find out our experience at this cute cafe:

Photo 19-09-15 13 41 09         Photo 19-09-15 13 38 17

Photo 19-09-15 13 39 20               Photo 19-09-15 13 38 58

Baked Buns: 2 soft buns with different fillings of vada pav, corn, cheese & jalapeño and sundried tomatoes. The buns are super soft and the filling tasted delicious! our favorite was the vada pav! Must definitely try as an appetizer. We definitely want to try out the Pani Puri shots next time we are here!

Photo 19-09-15 13 17 04

Vegetable Biryani: When we ordered the Biryani we weren’t sure of what to expect given we were at a cafe. But little did we know that it would turn out to be our favorite of the afternoon! Served in a cute little mason jar in layers (rice – masala vegetables – rice and topped with fried onions), the spices & flavors was absolutely perfect. We managed to finish the entire dish within minutes. the Biryani is served with raita.

Photo 19-09-15 13 49 18

Orange-ade: To try something different so we ordered an orangeade that came in a cute little glass bottle. tasted very similar to tang and was a good accompaniment with our meal.

Cold Coffee: home styled cold coffee! we loved this beverage as it made us feel like we were at home and sipping on cold coffee. Perfectly blended with just the right amount of coffee and sugar, this drink gets two thumbs up from us!

Photo 19-09-15 13 14 45

Spaghetti in chunky Arabiatta sauce: this comes in a jar as well, making it a mess free eating and the whole process more fun. The sauce rests on the bottom of the jar, topped with spaghetti. Filled with veggies, we had to help ourselves to some additional salt to make the dish perfect. Overall, it was a fun experience eating pasta out of a jar. Served with Focaccia bread, was one of the highlights of the meal.

Photo 19-09-15 13 51 58

Masala Jafele: As soon as we entered the store, we noticed the specials board had “Jafele” mentioned. Out of curiosity we asked the staff what a jafelle was and we are so glad we did! They have several types of Jafele’s available: apple cinnamon, Masala and others. We were tempted and ordered the Masala Jafele, and thanked the chef with every bite of the dish and the green chutney as we consumed. The Masala filling was perfectly spiced, filled with various veggies and served piping hot, just like we prefer our food to be. The Jafele is a twist to your toasties that we have in Mumbai with innovation in filling and serving style.

Photo 19-09-15 13 24 13

Red Velvet Jar: for dessert we ordered the red velvet jar to keep the jar tradition going for the afternoon. The dessert was topped with berries & filled with the right amount of cream & red velvet layers. Definitely worth a try. The chocolate jar and mini muffins looked delicious as well!

Photo 19-09-15 14 37 43

Overall, RKM is a great place to head out for an afternoon/evening outing and also run some errands at the same time. The options are good enough for 2 people, so order accordingly and is priced moderately so isn’t too heavy on the pocket. Out of the Makaan stuff, we really liked the book wall clock and the fridge magnets that spelt FOODIE (made right for all of us!). They also have items from other brands like chumbak, ensuring you get everything under one roof. The concept and service at Roti Kapda Makaan gets two thumbs from us!

Photo 19-09-15 13 41 04          Photo 19-09-15 13 38 51

If you have been to RKM, share your thoughts with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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