We’ve all been through those days where we crave for just really good dessert; sometimes it’s chocolate, dessert, ice cream or coffee. If you are tired of going to the same ol’ hangout place and are looking for something new (which will also be your new hangout spot 😉 ) we have just the right place for you! Mövenpick! Well, the brand name speaks for itself, but we have to share our experience and journey spent at their Juhu outlet last week devouring all their products, wishing we had an endless stomach that could store all their offerings in our tummy!

Photo 20-09-15 14 57 55


Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Well we landed at the cafe to try out a few ice creams and indulge in one of our favorites amongst those and thought we would leave for home with happy memories. Little did we know that, we will end up entering into a dessert coma! There are so many choices of ice creams, sorbets, waffles, coffee, desserts, sparkling sorbets to name a few! The ice creams at Mövenpick are very different from what you will have had anywhere expect Mövenpick, as every ice cream is a research study for them. They play with ingredients and they way the ice cream is prepared to give you a finish product which will not only satisfy all your cravings to the core but also give you a memorable experience to keep coming back here over and over.

Photo 20-09-15 14 58 57

Photo 20-09-15 15 11 36

Photo 20-09-15 15 11 46

We tried the Cappuccino (suitable for those coffee lovers who are in the mood for ice cream but cannot say no to coffee ever!), Cinnamon (very different and the flavoring of cinnamon isn’t too over powering), Blackcurrant & cream, Panna cotta with raspberry & cream, Stracitella (one of our favorites!), Carmelita (MUST HAVE!), Swiss Chocolate (best seller!), Lime sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet flavors to name a few. We then had a very difficult decision to make of which ice cream should we have, so we decided to try out their waffles instead (getting the best of both worlds!).

Swiss Chocolate Obsession: Crispy and deliciously soft eggless waffles are served with the best selling Swiss chocolate & Stracitella Ice cream: a classic Italian ice cream!   The waffles are perfect for a mid afternoon/evening snack, we wouldn’t justice to this beauty if we tried to describe it, so we recommend that you try it out for yourself and let us know what you thought of it.

Photo 20-09-15 15 18 22

They have a variety of sundaes, desserts, macaroon sandwich ice creams that can be tried. We are already eyeing the chocolate fondant and the macaroon selections for our next visit here! 😉

Raspberry Sparkling Sorbet: on the suggestion of the Mövenpick staff we decided to try out the sparkling sorbet which is supposed to be 99% Fat free! So good news all you weight watchers: you can still indulge in your favorite sorbet desserts at Mövenpick in a healthy way which will only leave you content on all grounds. The sparkling sorbet is essentially blended in the mixer with sparkling water to give you your new favorite dessert drink. We were so glad we ordered the sorbet on recommendation of the staff!

Photo 20-09-15 15 38 45

Overall, the next time you are looking to satisfy your sweet, dessert, chocolate, ice cream craving or you simply want to catch up with a friend or go out for a quick coffee; Mövenpick is and should be the only place you should think of. We know for a fact that you will have a great experience which will make you want to go here again and again. Their menu is extensive and we are sure that every time you go there, there will be something new for you to try out.

The price might seem a little too high for some people, but it is the quality and quantity that speaks for itself. After all, as mentioned earlier, everything on their menu is created with the finest natural ingredients resulting in premium quality Swiss ice cream. (Bonus points to the Mövenpick India team for maintaining the taste, texture and quality of ice creams available here)

The staff is very friendly and knows about the items on the menu and if you are confused with so many good choices, it might just help you to explain to the staff what your mood is like to eat and they will recommend the best from the lot. They are located in Juhu, near JW Marriot Hotel at the moment, and our only prayer to the ice cream gods is to help them find and open many more outlets all across Mumbai and India for everyone to experience and enter the magical land of Mövenpick!

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