Barbeque Nation’s Mohammed Ali Road Festival

When we think of Mohammed Ali Road, all we can think of is a feast and over full tummies. Most of us visit this place usually during Iftaar’s or with friends to celebrate an occasion. For all those of us who think that vegetarians cannot enjoy or have enough options at Mohammed Ali road, fret not. The folks at Barbeque Nation are making your life easier by bringing Mohammed Ali road closer to you by celebrating the Mohammed Ali Road festival at their outlets in Maharashtra (until October 18th), New Delhi, Gujarat and other states where the vegetarian menu is so vast that you will probably end up over stuffing yourself and/or not trying out a few items on the menu so you can get back home in one piece.



Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Soup & Salads: Tomato soup, mix fruit chaat, Kachumber, Ankurit Moong, green salad, papad are available for you to enjoy as part of your starters and main course.


Tomato Soup


Salad platter

Starters: Moong dal Pakoda, peanut Sheekh Kebab, Cajun Spiced Potato are served to you as part of the starters. Each one very different from the other in flavor, texture and taste. The moong dal pakoda is delicious, as its served hot & reminded us of the way our mother cooks the pakodas at home on a lazy sunday afternoon.


Fried crispy corn


Moong dal pakoda


Cajun spiced potato

Live Counter: You can get Corn Shammi KEbab, Mutter Palak ki Tikki & veg Kheema PAv customized as per your choice at the live counter during this festival. The Mutter Palak ki Tikki was so flavorful, soft and delicious that we couldn’t help but savor this over multiple servings. The corn kebab & Kheema pav are good, too and recommend that you try it out. Don’t fill yourself too much, as there is so much more to try; trust us you will want to try each and everything available here (especially the desserts! 😉 )




Mutter Palak ki tikki (L) and Corn Shammi Kebab (R)


Veg Kheema Pav

Barbeque: Sabziyon ka Mela (assorted vegetables), Shabnam ke Moti (Mushroom), Paneer Dil ka Tukda (paneer & veggies) are semi cooked and set up for you on your table to cook and enjoy at your convinience. The Paneer Dilk ka tukda was our favorite amongst all and wouldn’t mind going back for it in a heartbeat.


Main Course Buffet: Sabzi’s, Dal, Rice, Pulav, Biryani, Noodles & freshly made hot Naan, roti, kulcha is availble upon your choice and request. The Veg Jalfrezi, Kahu Gally ka Paneer, Dal e Dum, Veg Dum Biryani (oh so delicious!) are definitely recommended as their flavor, seasoning and taste are just perfect in every way!


Garlic Naan


Dum Biryani

Dessert Buffet: A lovely and extensive spread of desserts includes, kiwi cheesecake, fresh fruits, Blackcurrant phirni, sheer korma shots, mawa khaja, Chocolate brownie with various sauces, gulab jamun, malpua among others.


Black currant Phirni with fresh fruits


Kiwi Cheesecake


Chocolate Brownie


Gulab Jamun and Malpua


Mawa Khaja


They also have a kulfi bar where you can be your own chef and customize your kulfi with your choice of sauces, toppings and flavors to end the meal on a sweet note. We recommend that you try out the Kulfi bar without fail, as it will take your experience to a whole new level.

Mocktails: with a specially curated mocktail menu, we tried various flavors and recommend that you try out the liquid falooda (a lovely blend of rose milkshake & falooda), masaledaar tarbooz (a refreshing drink), and adraki coffee (for something different although the ginger flavor is overpowering and the after taste remains of coffee).


Adrak Coffee


Masaledar tarbooz


Liquid Falooda

The chef’s have visited Mohammed Ali Road during Eid to conduct their research and have replicated the food and its taste very well at the restaurant. After running the festival in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, North India, they will be introducing this festival in South India as well.

To sum it up, with so much food, great service and an over full tummy, we left Barbeque nation overjoyed and all we wanted was a bed as we got home. Make sure to try a little bit of everything before indulging yourself into a dish, so you can taste all the good things they have to offer as part of the Mohammed Ali Road Festival, be sure to visit here before October 18th!

PS. to top it all, the staff has a sweet surprise performance for all the guests at a particular time slot (2 pm for lunch and 9 pm for dinner; subject to change), super entertaining and shows how much effort and dedication the team has put in to ensure the guests have a great and memorable time at Barbeque Nation!

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