There are days when we feel like indulging ourselves into spicy and chatpata food. And there are days when we feel like enjoying a quiet sit down dinner. What if we told you could do both. Presenting to you the newly opened DesiKlub restaurant at Maker Chambers V. The restaurant aims at satisfying your cravings for Chatpata Street and quick food with a desi twist.

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5

Taste Bhi, Health Bhi: must try! In a rendition of the upside down aloo tokri chat comes with a healthy twist. Filled with sprouts and channa, with the right chutney, sev and vegetables this was our favorite of the evening!

Photo 01-10-15 19 51 28 (1)

Masala Jeera Soda: while sipping on this drink we felt we were by Juhu beach after a long day trying to load up on some energy with the Masala jeera soda– nimbu marke.

Photo 01-10-15 19 52 32

Baked Rajma on toast: crispy baked bread with rajma Masala and cheese overload was very mediocre. An excess of garam Masala was what kept us from indulging into another one of these.

Photo 01-10-15 19 52 53

Bhakarvadi chakli chaat: oh my lord. Served in a see through mug, this tangy and spicy creation is a must have to treat yourself and your taste buds. Perfectly crunchy bhakarvadi and chakli is mixed with deliciously tangy chutney and vegetables to bring you this masterpiece which was the clear winner of the evening. Topped with pomegranate to give you the feeling of eating home cooked chaat.

Photo 01-10-15 21 17 43

Tu Cheezee badi hai mast mast: crackers topped with cheese bhurji and apple chutney with red chili powder sprinkled on top. The cheese and the chutney went very well with the cracker making this a perfect munch snack to begin your meal or simply enjoy this as a post meal snack (for when you have just a little space in your tummy)

Photo 01-10-15 19 56 30

Chennai se China Tak: at first glance this looked like paneer chilly, when we found out that this is fried idli with a Chinese touch, we had to try it. Weirdly, this was our first time having fried idli and loved every bite of it. With lots of green chili’s, spring onions and light gravy, this dish is a must try for those who love fried idli and can handle the spice.

Photo 01-10-15 19 58 09

Basil mint pineapple punch: One of their house specials, perfectly sweetened, recommended for those who like shakes/punch with their meal.

Photo 01-10-15 20 01 51
Ginger spice: with a refreshing zing, this drink goes perfectly with the food served here. Must try!

Photo 01-10-15 20 02 03
Sago di potato: Sabudana papad (fried) is used as the base with filling of aloo masala and coriander pesto sauce. It tasted decent and is recommended for those who love sabudana.

Photo 01-10-15 20 04 47
Tacos Indiana: this dish is a perfect example of adding a desi twist to fast food served at DesiKlub. Besan chillas are filled with a sweet rajma masala, house salad and garlic mayo. We felt like we were eating homemade chillas at the comfort of our cushion. The rajma filling could have been balanced a litter better and then this dish would be just perfect in every way.

Photo 01-10-15 20 10 11

Hum Saath saath hai: In the main course we had a sizzler with the aforementioned name. As interesting as the name sounds, the dish didn’t live up to it. Tava noodles are cooked and topped with paneer chilli, which tasted a little too salty and lacking the right flavor.

Photo 01-10-15 20 47 21

Pizza:  we felt the pizza was a little undercooked, the sauce lacked flavor and has a lot of potential to make this delicious. We hope the next time we visit here, it tastes better.

Photo 01-10-15 20 47 49

Pasta Desi Ishtyle: While the description on the menus says: Macaroni cooked in makhanwala gravy – we felt it was tossed in tomato puree/sauce. A little too sweet, the pasta tasted very different and we werent big fans of the same.

Photo 01-10-15 20 54 14

Rasmalai Pannacotta: coming to the best part of the evening – Desserts! with rose jelly on the bottom of the glass topped with perfectly sweetened rasmalai, this dessert was a hit and is recommended for all those who love trying something new and/or rasmalai.

Photo 01-10-15 21 33 37

5-ishtaar sizzling brownie: We’ve all had sizzling brownies at various places after a heavy meal, but if you leave Desi Klub without trying their sizzling brownie, it’s as good as you’ve not been here! Unlike the regular brownies, here you are served with two brownies with chocolate & vanilla ice cream to be topped with caramel & chocolate sauce! They also have butter scotch & peanuts that you add to your dessert and enjoy! We loved every bite of the caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream and the chocolate ice cream was delicious to a whole new level. We aren’t going to describe this further; we want you all to go and try this out and decide for yourself.

Photo 01-10-15 21 36 52

Jalebi Bai: As if we hadn’t over stuffed ourselves already, we decided to tryout the Jalebi sandwich named Jalebi bai- which is essentially two layers of jalebi wrapped with rasmalai like filling. after trying the panna cotta and the sizzling brownie, it was hard to decide which one we liked the best.

Photo 01-10-15 21 34 05

Overall, the starters and desserts are delicious and worth every penny at DesiKlub from our experience so far, so go all out and enjoy your chatpata evening at DesiKlub. The service is excellent, especially Nagaraj, who knows all the dishes inside out and will guide you as per your choice and taste buds.

We look forward to exploring other items on the menu and the chocolate thali! 😉

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