Dessert is always a good idea; it’s the best idea when we head out to new places to try new items. Talking about new- we headed to Papacream, the recently opened ice cream parlor in Churchgate which promises you gastronomical experience by combining the good old ice cream recipe with liquid nitrogen as its main component in these ice creams. Read below to find out about our experience:

Photo 12-10-15, 19 30 53


Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Chocolate ginger Crème Brulee: you cannot go wrong with dark chocolate as a choice ever especially at Papacream! The chocolate ginger crème Brulee has hints of ginger (very subtle) and is topped with a toasted marshmallow. From one foodie/dessert person to another we cannot stress enough on how important it is to try this flavor out and depart with dreams and cravings for when you will get to try this out next.

Photo 12-10-15, 19 43 55

Horlicks Ice cream with nutella pancakes: the aim is to rekindle your childhood memories with Horlicks being the main ingredient along with mini nutella pancakes cut in circular pieces. As much as we hoped for this to blow our minds away, we were not very delighted with the taste of the ice cream overall. We felt there was too much Horlicks and the flavor of nutella didn’t blend very well.

Photo 12-10-15, 20 09 33

Salted caramel popcorn: if reading this on the menu didn’t make you jump and order it already, we are here to reassure you go ahead and place it already! Homemade salted caramel ice cream with smoking cold popcorn topped with caramel sauce is a delight for your taste buds from the first bite to the last drop in the cup. Everything about this ice cream is perfect and our favorites from the evening. If you like salted caramel/ popcorn, this one is made just for you.

Photo 12-10-15, 20 17 10 (1)

Thai Sushi ice cream: innovations with gastronomical experiences are the newest ‘it’ things and the Papacream team has nailed it to a whole new level. Sushi doesn’t appeal to everyone’s taste buds, one has to get used to it with every time they try it, but the Thai Sushi ice cream isn’t like that all! They have recreated the dessert sushi-chocolate crepe roll infusing with coconut lemongrass ice cream with a kiwi & passion fruit jelly filling in the middle and are served with chopsticks to give you a wholesome experience of sushi ice cream. We had a mini attack on our teeth while trying out the sushi due to our sensitive teeth, but it was oh so worth it! Definitely recommended to try it out once at Papacream.

Photo 12-10-15, 20 48 34

Photo 12-10-15, 20 50 52

Mexicano: when you think of ice cream, you think of sweet something post a meal or anytime during the day because you crave for something sweet. Say hello to your new savory ice creams created using liquid nitrogen and enjoying your occasional salsa & tortilla chips in the form of an ice cream. Cheddar cheese, smoked bell peppers & jalapeno ice cream is served with four types of spiced nachos. At first we found it a little odd but with every bite, we could feel it growing on us and enjoyed every bit of it.

Photo 12-10-15, 19 36 38

Paani Puri sorbet: with every new ice cream we try here, the evening kept getting better and making it difficult for us to choose our favorites. We were next introduced to the Paani Puri Sorbet, something that is loved & enjoyed by everyone at the street corner, home and at restaurants. Potato baskets with potato mousse are served with Paani sorbet for you to be your own Paani Puri wala bhaiya and enjoy this savory treat. Recommended to try it out for the experience!

Photo 12-10-15, 19 48 37 (1)

Masala Chaas Sorbet: it is a tradition at home to enjoy Masala Chaas after every meal especially during summers. Papacream has recreated the Masala Chaas sorbet to perfection with bits of garlic and chili in the sorbet adding a little zing to the taste. This was one of our favorites and we recommend to you try this out if you enjoy Chaas or are game for trying out different things.

Photo 12-10-15, 20 02 57

Orange & Basil: a perfect palate cleanser and you can taste the freshness of the orange juice and basil sprinkled in the sorbet. If you are looking to enjoy something light, not too sweet or just to get that energy this is the sorbet you should be ordering at Papacream!

Photo 12-10-15, 20 34 44

To sum it up, we recommend you visit Papacream at least once to experience live liquid nitrogen, as your orders are made in front of you at the outlet. With innovative and delicious new flavors, we are sure you will leave this place planning your next visit here. The service is quick and staff is friendly, too. All ice creams are very reasonably priced at an average of 180 INR per, which is worthy of the experience among other factors.

Have you experienced live liquid nitrogen before? If yes, we’d love to hear details about your experience and what was the highlight of your visit.

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