The Belgian Waffle Co.

If you’ve crossed chowpatty in the last month, you must have noticed a bright yellow new compact space opened up right beside Cream Centre named The Belgian Waffle Co. which is brightly light and making plans to visit here the next time you get time off of work or over the weekend. Well, we recently visited here and are here to convince you to make the trip right away here!

Photo 02-12-15, 20 01 43


Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Frozen Vanilla Ice cream waff wich: A dream come true for when you cannot decide if you should eat ice cream or waffles – fear not because the Waff-wich is here! Available in two varieties; vanilla and dark chocolate- this one is a hit for all those who have an extra sweet tooth or cannot make up your mind which one to settle with. The waffle is soft, and perfectly cooked and topped with powdered sugar.

 Photo 02-12-15, 19 15 31

How good does this look? We are drooling over this image as well! Loving the camera of our new Asus Zenfone 2 Laser!

Cinna Wapple: this waffle on the first bite felt like Christmas in our mouth! Diced apple pieces with cinnamon based sauce clubbed between crispy waffles is perfect for those who like to do things differently! With Christmas around the corner, we say you have to have to try this one out!

Photo 02-12-15, 19 33 11

Photo 02-12-15, 19 35 19


Blueberry cream cheese: delicious! One of our personal favorites as its unlike anything we’ve had in the past few months in Mumbai. Perfectly creamy cream cheese with blueberry compote sandwiched in waffles for you was like a dream come true for us. It was more like, love at first sight and bite! Highly recommended.

 Photo 02-12-15, 19 15 25

Naked Nutella: we saved the best for the last, but unfortunately or fortunately we weren’t so excited about the naked Nutella as the others had exotic flavors in comparison to the other waffles had here. All we are trying to say is that there is not enough nutella in the world to satisfy our cravings but once in a while, it’s good to look at other options available and enjoy the best of both worlds. There is no doubt that this is their best seller as it has NUTELLA in it, but we slightly preferred the cream cheese and Cinna Wapple a little more J We hope you understand and no hard feelings are held against us for committing a sin of talking about nutella in such a way!

 Photo 02-12-15, 19 34 36

Passion Fruit iced tea: refreshing! Perfectly flavored and is a great accompaniment for your scrumptious waffle. Definitely recommended.

Salted Caramel Frappe: one of the very few places that gets this drink right! Very light (literally & figuratively) in terms of taste and how it makes you feel after consuming the drink. Makes for a perfect breakfast with the frozen vanilla waff wich or any other flavor, as it’s really difficult to choose a favorite here.

Photo 02-12-15, 19 19 46

Given the waffles are eggless, prepared in front of you with fresh toppings and stuffing’s and priced very moderately – The Belgian Waffle Co, is going on our all time favorite list! They have something for everyone’s preference and we are sure they won’t disappoint. They are also located at INOX Malad and Nariman Point. With the whole on the go culture hitting Mumbai and India, we think the folks at The Belgian Waffle Co., are doing a great job and we look forward to innovative introductions on the menu in the months to come.


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