Adlabs Imagica

As kids we all looked forward to our vacations when we would go visit our cousins with whom we had made endless plans and ways to spend our holidays. For us this had to include a day to the nearby amusement park, even if it meant going to it year on year, playing the same rides and doing the same activities. The day before the trip was very special as we would decide what all to pack – clothes, food, water, snacks amongst others. With our lifestyle, we hardly have any time to do/indulge into such vacations anymore with our cousins/friends. Call it our luck or destiny, last week we were fortunate enough to head out to Adlabs Imagica for a fun Sunday with fellow bloggers organized by Team Seatrr.



Food: 3.5/5

Rides: 3/5

Experience: 4/5

Value for Money: 3/5

The day started with a lovely bus ride with fellow bloggers being picked up from various points in the city and we were in Imagica in no time. We’ve passed the check point for Khopoli when going to lonavala several times, but this journey was very quick! Upon arrival we indulged in breakfast at the Roberto café; the food court at Adlabs Imagica. This is a perfect spot for all those looking for a quick bite to energize between rides or fast food during lunch/snack time. They also have a full jain section, so they literally cater to everyone’s taste and choices.


No sooner were we done with breakfast than we started with our rides and the adventure part at Imagica. We started with the I for India, which shows us a bird eye view of various locations in the country which is shot by ace director Manmohan Shetty and team; whilst watching the movie, we felt a feeling of pride and joy that our country has so much to offer and everything is so serene and has to be seen to believe of its existence. After this experience there was no stopping us and we went to enjoy the main attractions – Nitro, Scream Machine, Salim Garh, Mr. India among others.


We stopped for lunch at the ZeZe Grill & Red Bonnet for quick bites but it turned out to be a lavish feast! While ZeZe is primarily grill based with a touch of African specialties available; Red Bonnet is a quick fast food place for burgers, wraps, shakes and fries. The Veg Biryani at ZeZe is out of the world and we wouldn’t mind going back for some. However, the Red Bonnet has delicious aloo patty burger, smiley and the strawberry shake there is not to be missed!

We continued with our rides and other fun whilst taking care not to get into the heavy adrenaline pumping rides as we had just eaten lunch, so we settled for the rides that involved water guns, boat tours etc., after a while we headed to the Armada – their snack bar created in the form of a ship. They have great options available here as well for quick bites and most of all, the view from all corners of the ship is serene to a different level. Then we headed to the capital where we enjoyed a lovely dinner spread with Disney characters with dance, music, quizzes, fun & food! There are enough options at Imagica- even if you don’t carry enough food/snacks from home, you will be sorted with the different restaurants here.


As the sun was setting, the view at Imagica Adlabs was getting better and we took a moment to admire and absorb in the beauty of the place around us. Overall, Imagica Adlabs is a place where you can head to with friends and family for a day long picnic/day out that has some great rides, food and also places to unwind after a long day. Don’t miss out on the parade here that happens around 6 pm everyday and special parades on special occasions, as the crew puts in a lot of effort in the parade which is clearly visible in the output. We had a great time at Imagica and hope we have convinced you to plan that reunion with cousins/friends to the nearest amusement park!



About Seatrr: Seatrr is an online food discovery platform which suggests top dishes of a restaurant from starters to desserts thus removing the confusion of “what to order” inside a restaurant. We are introducing unique dish and cuisine rating for every restaurant which will help people to discover the best place to enjoy their favorite dish/cuisine. So why settle for overall rating of a restaurant when you are searching for specific dish or cuisine.We wish the Team at Seatrr all the luck for this concept!

We would love to hear your experience at Imagica/other amusement park, do share with us 🙂


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