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Mumbai meri jaan; Mumbai is my home; There is no place like Mumbai in the world; are just a few sentences a Mumbaikar ensures to say at least once a day. Having lived in Mumbai ourselves for the past 15 years, we dedicate this post and our gratitude to the city of dreams, our city, the city we are proud to call our home! 🙂

In our daily routine, there is this one place we always pass by and think that we will visit it one day with friends/family and we often overlook the things that are closest to us. We’ve had a similar experience with China Bistro in Worli, promising ourselves to visit the place one day. The last week of 2015 finally made us change our thought and we headed to China Bistro in Worli with the Food Blogger Association of India (FBAI) and fellow bloggers. The restaurant has launched a new menu and we were served a special menu for the evening starting with cocktails- appetizers- main course – desserts. Read on to find out about the must-haves and our experience at CB, Worli!

Photo 28-12-15, 19 19 19



Food: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

We started the evening with cocktails – to be honest, we didn’t expect a restaurant such as CB to have such great cocktails and drinks! Every drink ordered on the table was better than the other. We couldn’t decide which one to have more of or call our favorite. We tried the watermelon, sraspberry mojito – served in mason jars, martini’s, daiquiris, bellini, cucumber wasabi cooler (must try if you want to do something ‘Toofani’ or willing to take the risk!) among others. The  next time you are looking for a drink with a friend, we highly recommend the drinks here (especially the Bellini!)

Photo 28-12-15, 19 41 19

Watermelon & Raspberry Mojito

Photo 28-12-15, 19 45 20


Photo 28-12-15, 19 52 06

Classic Margarita

Photo 28-12-15, 19 58 40

Cucumber & Wasabi Cooler

Photo 28-12-15, 21 05 47

Green Apple Cooler

Photo 28-12-15, 20 46 10

Margarita, Cosmopolitan & Daiquri

Som Tom Salad: you are served some hot Chinese tea to get you started for your meal and experience. Then they serve you some delicious kimchi salad and three different types of sauces as well. We began our meal with the Som tom salad and with our first bite we knew that this was going to be a great start at China Bistro! Well prepared and topped with peanuts, this one was a good choice and recommended.

Photo 28-12-15, 19 14 37 (1)

Chinese Tea


Photo 28-12-15, 20 05 13

Photo 28-12-15, 19 50 37



Barbeque pickled Bao: with Bao being the talk of the town in the second half of the year 2015, we were pleasantly surprised with the pickled bao here. The pickled sauce was tangy and a little spicy, just as we like our food to be and needless to say, we enjoyed every bite of this dish.

Photo 28-12-15, 20 22 37


Crispy Lotus Stem: super crispy lotus stem cooked with curry leaves is perfect for those who love spice, curry leaves and well cooked lotus stem. We’ve had lotus stem at various restaurants, but this one was a little different, a little extra crispy does no harm and it was one of our favorite appetizers.

Photo 28-12-15, 20 41 00


Pan grilled tofu: extremely soft tofu with black pepper sauce and Pok Choy was one of our favorites of the evening here. Once can enjoy this dish if they like tofu (or have developed a taste for it) and if they love pepper in their food.

Photo 28-12-15, 20 37 10


Dynamite Tofu: served in a martini glass, with tofu cut into little bite sized pieces with chick peas. We weren’t huge fans of this one in particular, but is a great choice for those looking to take a break between the appetizers and the main course.

Photo 28-12-15, 20 42 16



Khao Suey: served to you in a large tray with the gravy on a mini burner with various toppings for you to choose from. We had the Khao Suey as a soup for the first time (unlike having it for main course/appetizers) and definitely recommended for when you visit CB with a large group. The Khao Suey was perfect in every way and a must try here!

Photo 28-12-15, 21 07 41


Litchi sorbet: how we wished this was served for dessert! So so so good, that we finished the entire thing in no time and relished the combination of litchi, peppers and salt. Must must have!

Photo 28-12-15, 21 37 47


Stir fried Asian greens in White garlic: for all the veggie & garlic lovers, this one is for you! Perfectly cooked and well flavored, this dish was a delight to the buds.

Photo 28-12-15, 22 00 17


Vegetable Mahak Sauce: corn, mushrooms, zucchini tossed and cooked in a mildly spicy yet flavorful sauce is a great accompaniment for those looking to have a light meal.

Photo 28-12-15, 22 07 34

Thai curry with jasmine rice: coming to this beauty, we think it was love at first sight. The moment it was served on our table to the first bite we took, there is no way we can describe how well the curry tasted and how we wish we could have an unlimited supply of this dish in our house forever. Absolutely recommended for those who love their Thai curry and/or rice.

Photo 28-12-15, 22 09 01


Lemongrass fried rice: there is some weird connect we have with rice, and we couldn’t refrain from trying a wee bit of the rice, given how stuffed our tummy was. May we warn you, we would have finished an entire portion of the rice if we hadn’t had so much already through the evening. Served piping hot, with vegetables and perfectly flavored with a mild after taste and essence of lemongrass, we can go on forever, talking about this dish!

Photo 28-12-15, 22 03 13

Delicious, is the only word we will use to describe this for now and urge you to try this out when at CB next.

We have used our new ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser to capture our images lately, and can already tell the difference in the quality of the images! The camera of this phone is exceptional- its sharp @ 13 MP and 5 MP front camera! Not only that, it also has special modes you can choose as per your requirement/setting such as Low light, Depth of Field, Selfie mode, GIF, Miniature, time rewind, slow-mo, time-lapse among others. At first, we thought our switch from iOS to Android was going to be very difficult, but we can already see ourselves loving the phone (esp. the camera- as this feature is what we use the most day in and out! 😉 ) and its features- sleek with minimal buttons on the body of the phone. If you are someone who loves taking pictures and want a phone with a great battery life, the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser should be your best bet; it won’t hurt your pocket much, either 🙂 Get more information about the device here!

Screwed up noodles in Pixian Bean sauce: at first we were hesitant to try this out, but a true foodie cannot say no for more food, right? We went and tried the screwed up noodles and we can tell you that we loved every bite of the dish. If you are at CB with 2-3 people and are looking to try something different, after the lemongrass fried rice, this is the next main course dish we would recommend.

Photo 28-12-15, 21 59 30


Caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce: at first sight, the sponge cake looked beautiful and we were excited to try it out! But as we saw the toffee sauce being poured over the sponge cake, we were overwhelmed and felt it was a little too much to consume. The cake in itself felt a little dry, but the thickness/heaviness of the sauce didn’t help either.

Photo 28-12-15, 22 34 34

Thai guava ice cream: for an avid fruit lover, we were a little disappointed in this ice cream as well. While, we could taste the guava in the ice cream, it failed to impress us or left us wanting for more. However, we did wish that we got another of the litchi sorbet’s at that moment post the heavy meal!


Overall, we are delighted and pleasantly surprised to say that our experience at CB was good with the FBAI and fellow bloggers with great food, company and ambience. Their serving size differs from dish to dish, so unfortunately we cannot tell you if it’s the perfect size or extremely value for money (the rice dishes certainly seemed value for money!) but the taste of the food makes up for it and won’t disappoint you, as far as our experience in concerned.

We are glad to have discovered a gem right near our house and we look forward to visiting here, often! Have you been to China Bistro? Do share your experience or what you thought of this post! We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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