Breakfast at Cafe Mangii

We cannot stress enough on how important breakfast (and every other meal) is to us! so when we heard of Cafe Mangii’s all new breakfast menu launch, we headed down to the Bandra/Khar outlet to try it out! Read on to find out about our experience here and why you should visit here the next time you are craving to indulge in some heavy and appetizing breakfast!

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Fresh juices: they have several options of fresh juices available, sweet lime, watermelon, orange among others. We ordered for sweet lime and watermelon juice and were pleased to find that there was no sugar added making it a perfectly healthy start to our breakfast.


Nutella Sub: Beware of this dish – it may cause fights and make you competitive to claim your territory if you are planning to share this sub (which is a bad idea, as one is not going to be enough!) cream cheese and nutella on a perfectly baked croissant was the star dish of the day! We highly recommend this one and are ready to eat this right about now. We don’t think any explanation is needed on how the sub was, nutella says it all.


Sweet corn potato rosti: for those who are looking for something savory, this is your go-to choice at Mangii. Served with a grilled tomato and potato chips (cream and onion flavored 😉 ) we found this lip-smacking. Sweet corn and potato mashed base topped with veggies and cheese was our favorite in the savory section for sure! Highly recommended.


Fondant Leeks & Asparagus: for all those who wake up thinking “I want to experimental today!” this should definitely be on your table! Fluffy gram flour pancakes are topped with creamed leeks and asparagus, is a modern rendition of the besan chilla our mother prepares at home for a quick snack or a Sunday morning breakfast. We really enjoyed this dish, but it isn’t for everyone – as it tastes a little different and is paired with exotic veggies (leeks and asparagus).


French Toast: we were expecting two medium sized pieces of French toast, but what we were served was even better! One big fluffy French toast drenched in maple syrup and berry compote on all sides with fresh fruits! Our tummies were overfull but we cannot say no to food and more so, French toast! We thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this dish and look forward to trying out the waffles the next time we visit.


Coffee: to end the meal on a higher note we called for a cappuccino and a cold coffee. The hot and cold coffee was very well made and to our surprise there wasn’t one thing that we would change from the dishes we tried at Mangii. However, if we could, we would opt for a larger tummy to try more food 😉



Lastly, for all those who enjoy eggs, there are plenty of options available here that fellow diners were going gung-ho about, but we won’t be the best people to recommend any, so ask your server and order away!

To sum it up, café Mangii is your best bet for the next time you are looking to pamper, indulge in a heavy continental breakfast. The price points can be a little on the heavy side but the quantity and quality makes up for it. The breakfast menu is available at Bandra and Powai outlets from 8 am – 12 pm everyday!

What is an ideal breakfast according to you? Do share with us!

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