Persian Food Festival at Nawab Saheb

We seek to travel to open our minds, thinking and our perspective towards things in life. However, there are times due to our schedules/daily lives we only end up planning our trips. We have a long list of places we would like to visit, Iran and The Middle East among them. Being foodies, we look forward to trying out traditional, authentic cuisines when traveling or in different places within and outside of India. To fulfill a part of our dream travel, we were recently a part of the launch of the Nawab Saheb Persian Food Festival at Renaissance Hotel in Powai, Mumbai.


Food: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for Money: 3/5

The Nawab Saheb restaurant has experimented with a Persian food festival for the first time and they have the expertise and guidance of Chef Mona, who hails from Hormuz in Iran along with Chef Khan and Chef Sandeep. We list down the details of the vegetarian menu at this food festival below:


Paneer Tikka: Soft and perfectly cooked Paneer in basil, paprika and mustard sauce makes for a great start to the meal. Add some of the chutneys served on the table to enhance the taste of this appetizer.

Veg Patty: essentially falafels that are cooked in patty form, at first this might seem a little bland/less flavored for the Indian palate, but it gets better with taste.


Veg Kebab: potato, walnut and spinach patty was well-cooked but again a little different for the Indian palette! However, it goes well with papad and chutney. For all your adventures junkies, we challenge you to try this out.


Fruits: we never thought we would enjoy barbecued fruits as part of our appetizers, but this one changed our mind. The seasoning on the green and red apple took us to Persia in bits and pieces. The appetizer left a very aromatic after-taste which we enjoyed thoroughly!


Veg Skivers Kalam Broccoli Tanoor: the star of the evening. Our mother would be proud and delighted to hear that we have enjoyed broccoli for dinner, when we are often looking for excuses to avoid this vegetable, aren’t we? Extremely well-cooked and seasoned, this easily was the favorite of the table, the veggies and the non-vegetarians alike! Must must have!


Main Course: the main course is served with assorted breads, 3 sabzis, and 1 lentil based curry. Two of the sabzis are aubergine based which can be changed to include more variety. The lentils are delicious and go really well with our palate, also the highlight of the main course. Challenge yourself and go ahead try this one out, it will be something to remember.


Kalam Polo Shirazi: in the rice preparation, the biryani served was hot, fresh and very fragrant. The after taste of the rice gave us certain glimpses of us being in Persia (of the one that is in our head!) and coming back to reality. We didn’t feel guilty of indulging into another serving of this delicious rice preparation.



Dessert: for dessert, they have a dessert counter comprising of mixed Indian sweets from Rasmalai, gulab jamun, badam halwa, Kaju Katli, falooda among others which is really tempting and we couldn’t help but over eat! The sweets made for a good change, but we wished we got to taste traditional Persian sweets to finish the meal on a high note and having tried all authentic Persian cuisine.


P_20160218_222429_1_p  P_20160218_225254_p

They have several packages to choose from – vegetarian, mix & match, non-vegetarian and sea food with unlimited servings, so go on try out this festival and tickle your taste buds to a mini trip to Iran until the 29th of February 2016. Do something different and unique this leap year, try out the new menu at Nawab Saheb.
Nawab Saheb - Renaissance Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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