We were recently craving for some good Shawarma and hummus and wanted to do something different from usual, so we headed to Falafel’s at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. This outlet has recently opened and we’ve heard a lot about it from our fellow blogger friends and updates on social media. We entered the place after a long day and were starving; read on to find out how our night ended!



Food: 3/5

Service: self-service

Ambience: 3.5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Fattoush Salad: we started with the Fattoush salad as recommended by the staff and we are so glad we went his choice! Perfect in every way with nachos, hummus, veggies; suggested to eat as quick as possible, as it gets soggy otherwise. This was one of our favorites at Falafel’s!


Zatar Pita: we’ve had the Zatar pita at carter road and several other places and we cannot decide which one is the best. The pita was well cooked and is served with hummus and a delicious spicy sauce- which is a little too hot to handle, but we love spicy food and it was just our kind of food! If you love Zatar pita, we recommend you try it here.


Paneer Shawarma: soft pita wrapped around Paneer and veggies was good, but we felt there was something missing in terms of the flavoring. If you are a die-hard fan of Shawarma then go for it here, as there are several other different options to choose from!


Turkish Tostada: a good change from what we usually eat- nachos at the base, topped with hummus and veggies, made for a good main course and we were content and so were our tummies. We wouldn’t change a thing about this tostada, loved it the way it was.


We had the mint lime cooler and pink lemonade for drinks here and they were alright, the regular sugar (syrup) based drinks, however, we were really looking to try the Oreo shake (as they were out of stock of this at the moment)


Kashmiri Kawa tea: this was another highlight of the meal we had here. Served in clay tea pots, the Kashmiri Kawa tea was hot, fragrant and well flavored, we imagined us sitting in a boat by the lakes in Kashmir sipping this delicious tea. Now, our next goal is to get some authentic Kawa tea from Kashmir!


Unfortunately, they were out of Chocolate Nachos during our visit, but this is something we were really looking forward to! This gives us another reason to visit Falafel’s soon!

Overall, Falafel’s gives you full value for money with its quality and quantity, and we recommend visiting here after a long day shopping at High Street Phoenix, or to curb your Lebanese food cravings, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

Falafel's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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