Reveilo Wines

Wine is a drink that you develop taste and appreciation for with time and practice, and we did just that the last week with an expert from Reveilo wines at Pali Village café. With fellow bloggers, Fat Foodies World and For the Love of Food, we learnt and understood how to pair our wines, how to taste wine and much more. Read on to find out about our experience! P_20160216_190610_1_LL_p

How should wine be tasted?

It is very simple and just like they do in movies:First swirl the glass by the rim/base, then inhale the aromas of the wine, then slowly sip and understand where the wine lingers in your mouth. This will help in understanding the acidity and dryness of the wine.

Grillo: we started with Grillo white wine which is also called the mafia wine as the roots of the grape are imported from Sicily. This one was our personal favorite- a medium bodied wine with crisp acidity and long mineral after taste. We relished the cheese platter served to us at Pali Village Café with this wine.



Chardonnay Reserve: a medium to heavy dry wine, this one is a 100% barrel aged wine for over 9 months. This wine has light fruit notes to it, which is perfect for those who are just getting used to drinking wine.



Nero D’ Avola: the first white wine we tasted was a medium bodied red wine with fruity aromas of cherry with cinnamon/pepper. This is the mafia of wines in red, as its roots are imported as well. We enjoyed this wine with an aubergine based finger food and it went well.


Aubergine rolls


Sangiovese: Ruby red colored wine with fruity flavors that lingers at the back of your tongue. We enjoyed this wine with cheese and cheese filled ravioli.


Cheese toastada we relished with our red wines


Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve: the best of the red wine lot (our personal favorite); this is a barrel aged wine in a French oak, with fruity tastes and very light during consumption, making it easier to drink for those getting accustomed to red wine.



We tasted 5 types of wine, each different in their contents and specialty. We did a learn a lot about acidity, dryness and other features of wine with the expert from Reveilo. The one lesson we got out of it this session was- to have a good time, pick up a bottle of Reveilo wine! (And drink responsibly 😉 )

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