Cafe Cubano

We often look to try out new places with friends & family, and end up making plans in the suburbs as all the good places are located in that side of town! To all my townie friends, fear not, we have the perfect solution for you, for the next time you are looking to have a great time, good food and not get hit too much on the pocket think of – Café Cubano, Kemps Corner. Headed by Chef Rakesh Talwar and team, we summarize our evening spent here with lovely music, food, drinks and fabulous company.



Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Fried Dhokla: we started our evening with this delicious fried Dhokla- well cooked & flavored – mildly spicy but the good kind and makes for a perfect start. Recommended for all those who love Dhokla, this one is better and with a twist!


Puri Bhaji Methi Tacos: Puri Bhaji is something we are extremely fond of and will leave no opportunity to have them regardless of where we are. Reading this on the menu, got us excited and we had to try it out. We were served four huge tacos with Puri Bhaji filling topped with salsa, cream wrapped in Methi taco shells. The filling was so delicious, we have no words to describe. This isn’t helping you at all, but all we will say is- you MUST try these tacos when at Café Cubano. Its different, tasty and delicious here!



Tandoori Wasabi Broccoli: being a vegetarian, we are very fond of vegetables and broccoli is somewhere on the list, maybe the 3rd or 4th page. At first we were a little hesitant to try it out, but reading the word Wasabi, we were tempted and decided to try it out. Chunks of broccoli smeared on the tandoor in wasabi sauce is perfect for all those who want to do something toofani and love spicy food! Go on try it, we are sure you’re only going to love it and keep going for seconds.


Chili cheese toast: this is a classic, and a go-to snack anytime, anywhere. Served in the traditional toaster, you get one slice of bread cut in two pieces topped with oodles of cheese and chilies, perfect for when you are drinking. If you are looking for a bar snack and want to play it safe, or love cheese – this is the dish you must be ordering here.



Bhatti da Aloo: we tried a wrap/roll as well, which contained aloo cooked on the Bhatti (chulla) in romali Roti as the base. We felt the aloo was missing some flavor, otherwise it was perfect with some mint chutney. Recommended if you are looking for a quick/light bite.



For the main course we had some assorted breads and Dabba Bhaji. What is it you ask? Served in a cute little copper bucket, mix vegetable sabzi is delicious and perfect in every way. Flavorful, spicy yet balanced and hit the right notes at the end of this kingly meal. We were surprised to have enjoyed the main course here, considering this place gives off a very bar/café vibe, but the Cubano has something for everyone. Food, drinks, snacks and dessert!




Cutting Chai Panna Cotta with Pistachio Naan Khatai: we were very interested in trying out this dessert the moment we laid eyes on the menu. Served in cutting chai glasses, the dessert was very mediocre as there was an excess of cardamom and chai Masala flavors in the dessert.



Gulab Jamun with Stuffed Paan Cream: this one is for all the gulab jamun lovers, it doesn’t get better than this. Your favorite dessert clubbed with paan cream filling in the centre of the jamuns. Recommended here, that said, we look forward to trying out the tiramisu and banoffee dessert here on our next visit.



Fixed the bulb: we cannot begin to describe how well the cocktails are prepared here. Very different, unique and hit the right notes for you with every sip you take. Starting with the fixed the bulb- served to you in a light bulb, a rum based drink (which seems to be the new ‘it’ serving equipment) in a glass on a base of ice with wires hanging around to give you the rustic feel.


Glucose LIIT: as soon as this house special was served to us, we were taken into a flashback to a hospital ward and back to café Cubano with the music playing in the café. To add to the quirk, the Long island iced tea is served in two glucose bottles, so you and your friend can enjoy your drink at your convenience. We really enjoyed this drink and thumbs up to the presentation for this one.


Cantrita: for all the tequila lovers in the house, this one is handcrafted for you. With fresh orange pieces, tequila and served in a rustic tin/can.


Overall, Café Cubano has a lovely vibe for a Wednesday (bring in the weekend early!) night with friends, fun and food conveniently located in Kemps Corner where 36 Oak & barley was previously located. One thing we must highlight is that – all prices are inclusive of all taxes—so no surprises for you when you receive your bill! So go on, book your table here and have one hell of a night dancing, eating and catching up to great (Bollywood) music!

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