Jeon Eatery – Hotel Sea Princess

We are constantly looking to try out new places, so we can bring to you the best and must-visit places in and around Mumbai. Last week, we visited Jeon Eatery at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu to catch up with a friend. We caught up over brunch and bring to you our take on how our meal here was.


Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Rocky Road milkshake: we were craving for chocolate and oodles of it, so we thought Rocky Road milkshake would be our best bet. When we were served with the milkshake, to our surprise, it only had vanilla in it as they were out of rocky road ice cream. Although it would have been nice to have had what we wanted, but the vanilla milkshake wasn’t bad either.


Strawberry milkshake: we also called for a strawberry milkshake, and boy, we are glad, we did! Served in a margarita glass, this frozen version of milkshake was delicious and reminded us of our childhood, something we used to enjoy when we were little children. Delicious, perfectly flavored, we really enjoyed this drink and only wished there was more.


Apple colada: we were looking for something different after our rocky road fiasco, so they offered us an apple colada and we weren’t so sure of this in the first place. Upon consideration, we thought of giving it a try and it was a darn good decision! Perfect amount of sweet and apple flavor, we really enjoyed this drink. Overall, the mocktail at Jeon are worth a try; good quantity and quality in every (most) of the drinks we’ve tried here.


Mumbai Masala Toasty: Jeon has lots of options for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. This is one of the first items on the menu, and it certainly caught our eyes and we decided to go ahead and try it. We first thought, why should we be trying a Masala (sandwich) toast at Jeon. Here is the reason: this is for all those people who love street food, but cannot eat due to health reasons, or are picky eaters; this will be your favorite, we are sure of it. Perfectly toasted sandwich arrives at our table with Masala fries and salad on the side. Everything was perfect about this dish and we are sure, this will be on our table every time we head here.



Bbq cottage cheese pizza: we tried the cottage cheese pizza- well cooked thin crust pizza perfect for those who are looking for the desi and videsi fusion. The quantity of food here is good enough for 2-3 people, so order accordingly.


Kung Pao veggies: Jeon has a wide variety of cuisines available for guests, so we thought of trying one of each cuisine. The kung Pao veggies were good, but we wished it had potatoes in it. This one is more for those who are looking for getting their dose of veggies, however the flavor of the kung Pao was no doubt delicious.


Cottage cheese moussaka: to finish our main course and over stuff ourselves, we ordered the cottage cheese moussaka, which is essentially a cottage cheese steak with ratatouille filling in between. Aubergine, zucchini and other veggies were really well flavored, little savory and spicy at the same time, making it our second favorite dish of the evening! Definitely recommended here, and if you are a Paneer fan- this is your lottery for the day/evening.


Caramel Custard: every meal has to end on a sweet note, and after stuffing ourselves, we just had to order dessert. So we decided to call for Caramel custard and Chocolate walnut brownie with ice cream. The caramel custard was sweet, topped with whipped cream, while the chocolate brownie was our lottery for the day in the dessert section. Both the desserts were worth it and extra stuffing ourselves. We only wish we had a separate stomach so we could try out all the desserts on the menu.



Overall, Jeon is a place where we would go for the ideal brunch with friends/family and sit for hours over great food, service and conversations. The staff is well trained and does a great job, the chef does an exceptional job with the food- everything we had was great. The ambience is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon! Their breakfast buffet spread was very tempting, so that’s something we are going to try next time (we hear the pani puri calling out to us!). This is also the best place for tourists visiting India and want to try out different types of Indian food/cuisines keeping the hygiene factor in mind.

Have you been to Jeon yet? If yes, do share your experience with us! If not, go ahead, make the call and reserve your table already!

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