Coffee for the Soul

Every morning, we wake up, complete our chores, get ready for the day and head out to work like programmed robots. When was the last time you sat down with your loved one or yourself and enjoyed a cup of coffee immersed in your own thoughts, about everything and nothing? When was the last time you stared into space in the comfort of your favorite couch/cafe with a friend and spent some quality time together?

If you cannot answer the above questions, it’s time for you to start spending some time with yourself, your friends and loved ones right away. How are you going to go about this? Well, invite your friend over and whip up a cup of coffee at home and you’re all set for a life changing experience.

Being avid coffee lovers, we love trying out different types of coffee available in the supermarkets and hitting new cafes around town. We recently tried out the Tata Coffee Grand and wanted to share our experience about the product and the time we spent with our self.

On a Saturday morning, after a long celebration the previous night, we knew we’d need a cup of coffee to get our day going. We entered the kitchen, sniffed the coffee (something we love doing when no one is watching! 😉 ), turned on the stove to prepare a cup full of goodness to kick start the weekend!

Settling into our favorite couch in the house, where all you can see is endless trees and the sky painted in colors of blue, white and orange. Almost as if the gods are preparing for their own Holi celebration. Just then we were recalling events from the previous night, which we spent with some of the people who matter the most to us in our life. Remembering the good times we spent, we sipped on the coffee and must say, the coffee added to our delight. Just as we were enjoying the coffee, mother joins us and we start recounting events from last night and have a hearty laugh on situations and realize how good it is to spend time by our self thinking nothing and everything at the same time.

Having a sip from my cup, mom is compelled into making another cup of coffee for herself – the joy and satisfaction on her face as she sips the coffee, is priceless and means the world to us.


Having said that, we experienced something extra ordinary, something we have never experienced before over a cup of coffee and conversations with our self and mother; a feeling that cannot be described but has to be experienced to be understood. Needless to say, a lot does happen over a cup of coffee! So go on, grab yourself some Tata Coffee Grand and enjoy the ride!


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