You know that feeling when you a craving for a really good pizza? Last week, during work I thought of having a really good pizza and hopped in to the nearest Pronto outlet and ate until my stomach hurt. Every bite was absolutely worth it. Read on to find out more about our experience at this fine Italian joint.


Food- 4/5

Ambience- 3.5/5

Service: 4/5


The classic appetizer with sun dried tomatoes, olives and cheese baked to help you wait until your meal is laid out on the table. The bread is soft and baked until crisp. If you like bruschetta and want a diversion from thinking about when you meal will be ready, go ahead and order one already! 😉


Garlic Bread:

How can you ever go wrong with garlic bread, right? Loaded with butter (which makes it taste heavenly) and crispy and soft bread is another safe appetizer for those who do not like to experiment or simply love bread and cannot get enough of it.

Garlic Bread

Woody Wood Pecker (Pizza):

The next time your mother tells you to eat your greens and your vegetables; this is the dish that you should be thinking about! The spinach, mushroom, onion, and basil blend so well together on a thin crust base that you will end up ordering for another portion. If not, dreaming about this every night and day! The woody wood pecker is definitely one of the best pizzas I have had in a long time!

Woody wood pecker

Penne Arrabiatta:

The tomato based sauce consists of olives, basil cooked in white wine, which is a good fit for those who like their Arrabiatta as is. You can choose the type of pasta you like and can customize your sauce with adding more vegetables as you like. The staff is super friendly and will help you until you order what you want. If you are craving for red sauce pizza, this one is what you should be ordering at Pronto.

Penne arabiatta

Panna E Funghi:

Mushroom, Parmesan, basil and cream if for all the cheese and cream lovers out there. We added olives, red chilies and capsicum to our Funghi which added to the taste of the pasta. I slightly preferred the Arrabiatta to this one.


Melanzane Parmigiano:

Aubergine (or Baingan) is another vegetable that we are always avoiding from our mom’s kitchen. This was my first time ever eating Aubergine and I loved every single bite of it! The Baingan is grilled in basil, vegetables and minced in a tomato and garlic sauce. The dish is served with additional veggies on the side to make sure that you get your portions of veggies for the day and enjoy every bit of it 😉


Have you been to pronto yet? Let us know what you thought of the place in the comments below.

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