The Bar Terminal

We are looking to explore and visit new places over the weekend with friends/family to celebrate birthdays, catch up and party; we recently visited The Bar Terminal, in Fort for a friend’s birthday for the same. Read on to find out our experience!


Food: 3.5/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Value for Money: 3/5

Pizza Puchkas: You will spot these on every table, and they are certainly worth trying here! It gives you the opportunity to taste your favorite pizza and pani puri (Puchkas) at the same time. Loaded with cheese on top, these make for great bites with your drink on a weekend evening, or a quick lunch.


Cheese Jalapeno Poppers: We were really excited to try these out, however, they were under cooked and a little hard to gulp down. Hopefully, you get served a better cooked portion of these poppers during your visit here.


Nachos: Salsa, cheese, beans and nachos platter – the perfect accompaniment with your drink. Don’t order with high expectations, as the cheese felt more like cream, and the salsa had too many tomatoes in it. Among the available options, this dish goes well, and can be consumed regardless of how its cooked/made.


Ragda Pattice shots: served in a cutting chai glass, this one was our second favorite dish of the evening. Recommended.


Beer Bucket: with the latest fad of doing/serving things differently, TBT serves a beer bucket in a literal bucket that we see at construction sites/home, adding the quirk factor to the place/ambience.


Mojito: Served in a mason jar, the mojito was well made (not too dilute or extra strong), helping us enjoy our evening at The Bar Terminal.


This place is recommended if you are looking to hang out with friends where you can eat, drink, dance at a place in town. Not too heavy on the pocket, and is open till late for those who like to party until the wee hours of morning. They have an in-house DJ playing music, and also screen games on a huge screen for the sport fans.

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