The weekend calls for binging on all sorts of junk, fast food or sometimes home-cooked food. Many of us, who live away from home or parents, often crave for home-cooked meals; this also includes those who are lazy to cook or don’t find the time to prepare a wholesome meal due to our daily routine. Fret not, we have just the answer/solution for you – we recently tried out dishes from an only takeaway/home delivery service called Sindhful, specializing in Sindhi cuisine. The menu also includes a few continental dishes for those looking to have a little bit of everything on their plates. Read on to find out about our experience on trying out Sindhi food.


Food: 4.5/5

Packaging: 3/5

Delivery: prompt

Value for Money: 4/5

Dal Pakwan: crunchy Pakwan with dal (lentils) is super chatpata with the mint & tamarind chutney. You can either top the Pakwan with the dal or mix it all up and enjoy till your heart is content. We enjoyed this dish and savored every bite while it was hot, which added to the overall taste. Recommended to order from here as an appetizer. P_20160525_201520

Soya Galouti Kebab: looking to try something different? These delicious kebabs will leave you craving for more. Mushrooms in the soya kebabs make this dish one of our favorites here. P_20160525_202907

Cheese Corn Balls: unlike any cheese corn balls we’ve ever had. Filled with veggies Masala, corn & cheese, these deep friend dough balls are delicious. Very soft, succulent and well-cooked. P_20160525_205232

Honey Chilli Potatoes: perfectly spiced and cooked, these were our favorite in the continental starters. We just couldn’t stop at one serving, if you have a large party of members or guests, make sure you order this one and watch as everyone races to grab more of these potatoes. P_20160525_203749

Seyal Pav: Pav cooked in Masala with a heavy ginger base, is a similar concept to Masala pav, however this one was a good change of taste between our appetizers & main course. For those who love ginger/pav/Sindhi food, this one is a must-try. P_20160525_210249

Sindhi Curry: served with aromatic basmati rice, Sindhi curry & Aloo Tuk, is delectable and palatable to all taste buds. The curry is loaded with veggies like potatoes, drum sticks, lady fingers among other vegetables and it is said that there are various ways of cooking/preparing this curry. For our first time at Sindhi curry, we really enjoyed this dish and ate till we were full and couldn’t move anymore. The aloo tuk is to be consumed with the curry & rice, adding flavors and the magic that potatoes do when consumed. Must must have here. P_20160525_211107

Paneer Tikka Masala: We relished this dish with butter Lachcha Paratha and we hope everyone experiences the joy and satisfaction that we felt when enjoying this dish. The Paneer was well cooked/marinated, the Masala in the sabzi was unlike anything we’ve tasted before. We highly recommend this for those who are Paneer/Roti lovers. P_20160525_213151

Moving on to the most important part of having any meal – Desserts.  We tried the Chocolate Mud cake, their signature dessert and experienced complete foodgasm. It is a must-have here. Go ahead and order this already, you can thank us and the gods who helped creating this recipe later! The Singharji Mithai is for all those who would like to experience authentic Sindhi desserts, which is made out of sev & barfi. A little on the sweet side, is perfect to curb your sweet tooth & cravings. The Chocolate Fudge with crackle is for those who would like to experience foodgasm + sugar rush + a mini trip to heaven.  P_20160525_214747


In the drinks we had the Amrud ka meetha & Kala Khatta, reminding us of our childhood days and go very well with the meal.

All in all, we had the pleasure of enjoying a well-cooked & delicious meal, some new & some regular favorites of ours with a twist. Sindhful promises to leave you spell bound with its quality & quantity, and will soon become your go-to place when looking to order in (we know it’s already become ours! 😉 ). The food is well-priced and service is good, too. Our first experience at Sindhi food has been a lovely one, and we look forward to enjoying some more authentic dishes from here.

Are you a fan of Sindhi food, or ordered from Sindhful before? Do share your experience/s with us; we are all ears!

Sindhful Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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